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ZYNK Clients - Vodafone and Lugera
ZYNK Clients for custom software development services
ZYNK Clients

ZYNK is a software development company that offers you rich technical and business expertise. Our primary focus is quality software development. Additionally, we prioritize creating a warm and personal experience for our clients. By leveraging our expertise in software development, you can thrive in the digital world. We excel at delivering innovative, customized software solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Experience the benefits of partnering with ZYNK and unlock the potential of your business.

Software development services you can trust us with

Our customers trust us with complex software products. We speak of multi-platform, scalable, and innovative solutions. In short, we can deliver almost any type of custom software. Specifically, our code is present in areas ranging from financial to enterprise platforms. Our extensive experience in software development helped us earn the trust of our clients.

Let us know the idea and the business model for it. Then, set the budget. Next, we build the product with your business vision in mind. To clarify, we achieve this with dedicated teams and full product support. In short, whether you need a proof of concept or complex software, ZYNK delivers. No product design and development project can beat us.

Minimize your risks by starting with a product mock-up. Of course, you will invest in the final version only if the mock-up performs well. First, let us help you shape the idea. Next, do the visual prototype. Then, validate the concept and get the budget. Last, build the team and start working. Simply put, save money and effort with wise software development!

Avoid making biased and incorrect business decisions by using our precise information. With our custom software you can extract actionable insights from large amounts of data. As a result, you can gain a sustainable competitive advantage through our tailor-made solutions.

Have our specialists re-think your core IT infrastructure. Then, your applications will do far more than you expected. In any event, your software loses value with age. To keep up with the technical advances, enhance your legacy system. For instance, improve it with modern technologies.

Shape your strategy for digital transformation with an experienced consultancy firm. Of course, ZYNK can help you capture your business needs in sound project plans. Overall, our consultancy services cover software development, infrastructure, and processes.

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Your benefits from working with a reliable software development company

Happy customers

ZYNK will impress your customers with excellent software development services. Besides, you will find at ZYNK people who stand at your side when you need them most. Hence, we became long-term technical partners for most of our clients. Give your customers reasons to smile.

Short time to market

Most offshore software development projects require fast delivery. The same is true for nearshore software development. Undoubtedly, speed would benefit your projects.  Whenever your in-house team cannot cope, let us step in. Of course, you will not miss the deadlines or trade speed for quality with us. Simply put, when staying on track seems impossible, we go the extra mile.

Comfort in software development

Growing your software development team in-house is no easy feat. In short, recruiting and managing your talent requires considerable time and money. Besides, attracting the right mix of skills and developing processes can be equally challenging. So, why not relax and let us worry? Software outsourcing can bring you unhoped-for comfort.

Software development projects

Our customers trust us with custom scalable, and innovative software products. In short, we can deliver almost any type of solution using our extensive experience in software development. Proof of this, our code is present in solutions ranging from simple mobile apps to highly complex IoT platforms.

Talent management

Our client, a global leader in recruitment, commissioned to ZYNK the revamping of a legacy system. The result is a recruitment management platform comprising of an applicant tracking system, a CRM, and a Personnel Management tool. Simply put, we found a solution to their slow, ineffective recruitment and personnel management processes.

IoT platform

With our platform you can build IoT apps fast, without any coding. It is perfect for intelligent buildings and smart cities. Furthermore, it handles projects from healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture. In short, it features all you need to build your apps. For example, you can use it to connect devices and issue alerts. Besides, you can define dashboards.

Personal data handling

The system allows users to control what happens with their online information. First, it scans, analyzes, and stores the data. Additionally, it ensures high data protection using advanced encryption. It uses artificial intelligence to sort information. Then, it processes it with optical character recognition. Last, it generates the user certificate, which the user can buy online.

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Our software development services in brief

ZYNK is a Romanian software development company that offers end-to-end software development services and solutions. Established in 2010, ZYNK has successfully completed over 100 software projects. Moreover, the company boasts extensive experience in software consulting and product development. In essence, ZYNK caters to clients of all sizes, delivering top-notch software development services. This results from a combination of technical prowess and a collaborative approach.

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