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Profile of zynk, a leading Software company from Romania

Learn what makes ZYNK one of the top software companies in Romania.

Vision and Mission

ZYNK is a software development services company with over ten years of experience in building IT solutions and a portfolio of over one hundred client projects delivered. Specifically, we implemented consumer, financial, and enterprise solutions. Besides, we developed IoT, big data, and VR applications. In short, ZYNK has a proven track record in delivering web, mobile, and cloud applications. Furthermore, its code is present in solutions for the financial, travel, retail, and transportation sectors.

ZYNK aims at helping customers thrive with innovative, top-class consulting, IT solutions and services, showing honesty, integrity, and kindness to all its stakeholders and the local community. Simply put, the company combines strong technical expertise with a collaborative attitude to deliver custom solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to well-known global brands in the warmest, most humane way possible.

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To build complex systems, you need creative people. Therefore, let the ZYNK experts challenge the status quo, pay great attention to details, and strive to self-improve.

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Expertise alone does not make software development projects successful. Besides, you need commitment, passion, energy, and creativity. Make your project a success.

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Quality is fundamental to our business. Thus, we aim to help you thrive in the information age with top-notch custom software solutions and improve with every new project.

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Being honest and transparent with all our stakeholders has been key to our success. For this reason, many of our clients chose ZYNK as their long-term IT partner.

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Respect for our clients and employees underlies every step we take. Hence, we deeply care about your projects, clients, and aspirations and respect your opinion and way of working.

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Efficiency means working smart, which requires careful planning and well-established processes. Furthermore, it means flexibility and sometimes ingenuity, You will find all these at ZYNK.

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History of ZYNK, a Romanian Software Company

Founded in 2010, ZYNK started its journey with a travel aggregator. Above all, the software company focused on the end user market with solutions for the travel and finance sectors. Simply put, ZYNK’s goal was to establish itself as a provider that can take a product concept and transform it into a fully functional, marketable solution. Later, ZYNK added to its product portfolio eCommerce solutions, mobile applications, and games. Finally, it turned its attention to enterprise solutions, IoT consulting and development and CTO services. Now, the software company focuses on Web and Mobile application development, IT consultancy, and CTO services. Furthermore, ZYNK would rather stay away from team augmentation services, unlike most Romanian IT services providers. In short, nothing compares to ZYNK with the challenge of doing an app from A to Z. We are one of the best software companies in Romania for software product development.

Is ZYNK the Right Software Company for You?​

We will answer a few key questions to help you find out if ZYNK may be the right software company for your project.

For what types of projects is ZYNK the right software company?

ZYNK is the right software company for small to medium-sized apps. Besides, we prefer to take entire projects rather than augment our clients’ teams. Simply put, this approach helps when your company chooses to stay away from software development. Furthermore, the technologies that ZYNK masters must suit your software product. Specifically, with ZYNK you can choose from Java, Angular, iOS, Android, ReactNative, .Net, and several other technologies.

For what services is ZYNK the right software company?​

In short, ZYNK provides software development and testing. Furthermore, the software company offers IT consulting, big data consultancy, and CTO services. With over ten years of experience, ZYNK can be the right software company for any small to medium-sized project.

What engagement models does ZYNK software offer?

Typically, software outsourcing providers offer three engagement models. First, we have the time and materials model, which means the rental of specialists by the hour. Then, there is the dedicated teams model, where the software company provides entire teams for a set period. Last, we have the fixed price model, in which the provider does the project for the specified amount agreed upfront.

While ZYNK, like most other software companies, accepts any engagement model, we prefer to take over entire projects. Thus, we accept time and materials engagements when it is likely to get the whole project commissioned to us.

Does ZYNK software provide support and maintenance services?​

Yes, ZYNK is a software company that provides full-stack services, including support and maintenance. We will provide these services at the rates and for the duration agreed in the contract. For example, we may offer three-month maintenance to some clients and two years to others. In essence, we do our best to meet the most diverse needs for software product support. For this reason, we use as guides the service level agreements set in the commercial contracts.

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