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Thrive in the information age by harnessing the power of big data.

Full Stack Big Data Consulting Services

Make your next project a hit by partnering with a leading provider of big data consulting. In short, let ZYNK turn your vision into reality. Our proven track record of building big data solutions recommends us for the job. Simply put, our engineers can assist you with a wide variety of services. First, they master Big Data Strategy and Architecture for both structured and unstructured data. Next, they have been successfully implementing machine learning and advanced algorithms. Furthermore, real-time data analytics and intelligent systems design are simple as walking for them. Last, they assisted many clients with Big Data Integration services.

From design to maintenance, your big data consulting partner can run or oversee your entire project. In short, this includes design, architecture, implementation, testing, deployment, and implementation. Not only will ZYNK define the structure of your system, but it will also deliver it. Together with you, we will produce a classy solution with top performance, manageability, and security.

Business Need Analysis

Let us analyze your data sources and flows within your system. Besides, we can define with you the business goals for your big data project.

Big Data Strategy​​

Using your data and IT resources, we evaluate your current capabilities. Next, we define the right long-term strategy for your big data project.


Our seasoned architects can outline the technical architecture of your system. Besides, they will optimize it for scalability and cost-efficiency.

Data Governance​

Ensure that your data is complete, clean, and deduplicated. Besides, let machine learning convert your raw data to meaningful information. Thus, you can take the best actions using your data.


Rely on a solid big data strategy to turn your data into a gold mine. Next, have the balanced team of analysts, architects, and developers from ZYNK implement it with you.

BI and Analytics

Gain deep insights into your business with a BI tool. Then, take objective strategy- and data-driven decisions. Clearly, ZYNK can help you achieve all these with no effort.

Leverage the full power of technology.
Choose a reliable software development partner.

Areas of Application for Our Big Data Consulting Projects

Big data consulting experience in the retail and financial sectors.
Big data consulting experience in the health and m-commerce sectors.
Big data consulting experience in the social and multimedia sectors.

Showcase of Big Data Consulting Projects

Our customers trust us with custom multi-platform, scalable, and innovative software products. In short, we can deliver almost any type of solution leveraging our extensive experience in software development. For example, we have implemented solutions ranging from consumer apps to enterprise platforms.

Talent management

Our client, a global leader in recruitment, commissioned to ZYNK the revamping of a legacy system. This Big Data consulting project aimed at improving our client's recruitment and internal processes. Thus, the main component of the application is the recruitment tool. Besides, it includes modules like the applicant tracking system, the CRM, and the Personnel Management.

Personal data management

This Big Data consulting project gave people control over their online information. First, it scans, analyzes, and stores the data. Additionally, it ensures high data protection using advanced encryption mechanisms. Then, it uses artificial intelligence to sort information and optical character recognition to process it. Last, it generates certificates for the user to purchase online.

Gift buying social platform

This is a Big Data application that suggests gifts for special occasions. Thus, the application saves favorite gifts from social media or online shops. Furthermore, it allows users to track gift shopping and create reminders or events. Last, the platform features gift list sharing and gift suggestions. The system suggests only items that are relevant to the search criteria.

Why ZYNK for Big Data Consulting and Development?​

We prefer to let our clients speak for us. Therefore, consult our testimonials to learn what they think about ZYNK. Our clients appreciate our proactive attitude, enthusiasm, and skills. Furthermore,  they are impressed by our speed, courage to challenge their ideas, and openness. Besides consulting the testimonials, check our software development services FAQ to learn what you can gain by choosing Romania and us.

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Trust our strong track record of big data solutions. We delivered them to not only businesses but also to public institutions.

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Making sure that everything works as intended makes us tick. Naturally, top quality is second to none at ZYNK, and so is reliability. 

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Achieving Big Data security is no easy feat. Given that, let the experts handle it. Briefly, ZYNK repeatedly scored home runs in this area.

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User Focus

Focus on your user to make handling complex data seem trivial. With this in mind, rely on our proven track and experience in usability.

Tell Us About Your Big Data Consulting Project

Send us a brief description of your needs. Shortly after, our experts will get back to you with suggested approaches for cooperation or times for a call.

FAQ on Big Data Software Development.

In short, big data means a large volume of structured and unstructured data. Besides, this data floods businesses and institutions. Now, we see lots of data coming from countless sources, which makes it difficult to handle. Of course, there are methods and tools that help organizations cope with the situation. In short, one can use such tools to extract meaningful information from the data clutter. As a result, the organizations can make objective decisions and strategic moves.

Simply put, big data software development is software engineering for big data systems. Specifically, such systems process data sets of at least five petabytes. Besides, these data sets typically include unstructured data from diverse sources. Consequently, big data software development produces sophisticated solutions that require the fastest processors available. Obviously, developing such software systems should only be attempted by experts.

First, big data has volume. Besides, it has variety and velocity. Simply stated, volume means there is a lot of data. Furthermore, variety stands for the myriad of sources that generate it. Next, velocity means the high speed at which data travels. In brief, we encounter big data in almost everything we do at work or at home. Clearly, big data has never been as widespread as it is today. Broadly speaking, big data can be found in many areas of our life. First, it is omnipresent in personalized marketing. Next, marketers use it heavily to identify consumer preferences and behaviors. Besides, online customer reviews generate huge volumes of data. Furthermore, wearable devices used to monitor health parameters collect loads of data. Last, process streamlining in financial institutions requires extensive use of data. Obviously, the list can continue with route planning and so on.

FAQ on Big Data Tools and Platforms.

Simply stated, a big data platform is an IT system that includes many big data applications and tools. To be specific, it usually includes hardware, the management module, storage, databases, management tools, and business intelligence. In short, it is an all-in-one solution for all the big data needs of an organization. Specifically, organizations can use it to develop, deploy, operate, and manage a big data system.

Clearly, there are many big data platforms available, all with pros and cons. In short, some of their components can be free of charge, while others may empty your pockets. First, do research on solutions from brand names like IBM Cloud Pak for Data or Microsoft Azure HDInsight. Then, take a look at Cloudera, Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, Hadoop, and Tableau. Last, decide which one meets your needs and go for it. Of course, if you lack the expertise or manpower for this task, a ZYNK consultant can help you.

FAQ on Big Data Consulting.

First, a big data consultant acts as your advisor on big data. Next, they help with your company’s big data strategy and implementation. Besides, the consultant oversees your choice of big data technologies and the implementation of the approved solution. Obviously, this expert must understand your business. Furthermore, they are versed in a wide range of big data systems and tools. In addition, they stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Moreover, their expertise includes data set assessment for validity and redundancy. Last, they are experts at processing the data, doing analyses, and presenting the results.

First, if you do not have qualified in-house specialists, seek assistance from a specialized company. Obviously, you must be sure of their breadth and depth of knowledge. Second, get 5 to 10 big data consultants on your list for in-depth evaluation. Third, find out if the chosen ones have done projects like yours. Next, check a few of their references from previous clients. Last, test the chemistry with the selected one with a small project.

Obviously, what is best for your project may be unique. Consequently, major players in big data analysis may not be your answer. In short, recommendations from acquaintances that ran big data projects like yours may help. Besides, pick only those with positive experiences. Furthermore, pay attention to your budget. Namely, a global brand in big data consulting may cost way more than a small company. Of course, either of them should have top service quality. Simply put, ZYNK Software might be perfect for you.

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