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Custom blockchain app development for secure and anonymous transactions!

Blockchain app development services from Romania

With expertise in blockchain app development, ZYNK can create blockchain apps for various industries and use cases. Similar to a database, a blockchain is structured with blocks containing units of information. Unlike a traditional database, these blocks cannot be deleted or modified by users. Each block holds transaction details, timestamps, block hashes, and IDs. Through cryptographic verification and chaining, blocks form a secure and transparent ledger. In essence, a blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries, offering unchangeable records that guarantee reliability and security. With ZYNK’s expertise, you can explore the limitless potential of blockchain technology across diverse sectors.

Custom blockchain app development

custom blockchain app development

Regardless of your company’s size, we will help it improve its operational processes, cut costs, and handle technical challenges fast. In short, you will achieve business automation with our custom blockchain app development services. With the right implementation of blockchain technology we help businesses in a variety of industries reach their potential.

dApps development and designing

dApps in Blockchain

Decentralized applications or “dApps” are distributed open-source software applications that run on peer-to-peer blockchain networks. Once you release the code of a dApp’s others can build on it. ZYNK provides end-to-end dApp development services for decentralized finance, social media, or gaming.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts with blockchain technology

“A smart contract is a computerized transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract.” ZYNK can implement for you smart contracts in a blockchain and thus eliminate middlemen. In such an application, the computers verify the predetermined conditions for the actions in the contract. Then, they executes the actions for successful checks.

Custom play to earn games

Play to earn blockchain apps

ZYNK has recently added play-to-earn games to its portfolio. Such games give players the chance to win digital items with real monetary value. In short, the earnings can be non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency tokens. Non-fungible means that it cannot be replaced with something else. For example, a unique trading card is non-fungible.

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Why ZYNK for blockchain application development

Learn what our clients think of ZYNK’s software development services. Hence, check the testimonials section for their opinions. Our clients appreciate our creativity, warmth, and reliability. Furthermore,  they value our quick reactions, proactive attitude, and flexibility.
Security guaranteed in blockchain apps


Over 88% of the apps for banking have security vulnerabilities. Obviously, you need a safe app. Let ZYNK make it foolproof.

Experience in blockchain app development


Take advantage the strong business and technical know-how we acquired while working on countless complex projects. 

Quality from working with ZYNK


Top quality comes from passion and dedication. Get them at ZYNK and impress with the quality of your blockchain apps.

Blockchain app development projects

Our clients trust us with blockchain apps covering diverse industries and areas of application. For example, we have implemented play to earn games, smart contracts, and dApps. Let our creativity and passion drive your blockchain application development projects.

Play to earn game

This complex game is listed on the WAX Blockchain and has its crypto token on the Alcor Exchange Market. With features like cryptocurrency, scheduled transactions, and smart contracts, it offers a great user experience. Besides, it has unique NFT collections.

Idle game

Our idle game features space exploring and mining. Developed on the WAX blockchain, it offers custom crypto tokens, passive missions, and smart contracts. Other attractive features include idle mining, email statistics, and automatic or scheduled transactions.

RPG game

The 3D role-playing game abounds in spectacular WEB3 features. For example, players can use FTs and NFTs to control and own their in-game assets. Furthermore, the game integrates crypto communities and media channels through a multichain framework.

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