Custom Software Development


Stand out in the market with our top-quality custom software development services.

Custom Software Development Services​

How does a custom software development package designed to suit your service needs like no other sound? ZYNK will give you such a package. In short, developing custom software solutions for over ten years gave us invaluable experience. Furthermore, serving corporate clients of all sizes exposed us to some of the most diverse software projects. Therefore, we can create for you custom software solutions of any complexity. In the process, we will use a wide range of technologies and infinite passion.

Web Development

Use our expertise to make great web apps. We can work together on simple or complex software projects. Basically, it is better to tackle challenges with a strong partner like us by your side.

Product Development​

Custom software development services: product development.

Make your software product stand out to customers. Our extensive industry knowledge and enthusiasm will help you beat your competition. In other words, start now to get a head start.

Custom Mobile Solutions

Get a stylish custom mobile solution. You need a strong tech partner to do this. Our experts can make your product a big success, as they have done many times before.

Quality Assurance

Quality and assurance services.

Let our QA experts handle all the testing you need. At ZYNK, we cover all types of testing, from functional to integration. In short, we can run load, regression, and security tests for you when necessary.

Maintenance & Support​​

Maintenance and support services.

Your software product is a never-ending project. Of course, it will evolve with the market. Consequently, you need ongoing maintenance and support. Let ZYNK keep your product competitive.

UI/UX Design

Custom software development: UI/UX design services.

The design can make or break your application. Allow our our talented graphic designers and engineers to create great user experiences for you. In short, stop worrying about the app.

Custom Software Development Projects We Delivered

Custom software development for enterprise solutions.

Enterprise Applications

Build your next enterprise solution with a trustworthy partner. Simply put, commission any enterprise software project to us. Of course, we will promptly assist you with custom software development and consulting. That is to say, anything from complex ERP systems to basic CRM solutions.

Custom software development for online shops

e-Commerce Applications

Bring your eCommerce vision to life with a scalable and secure platform. For this reason, choose first the features that best suit your business and customers. Then, please share this information with us and let us handle the rest. Finally, check our deliverables regularly and give us feedback whenever necessary.

Custom software development for financial solutions

Financial Solutions

Design your financial software with the PSD2 directive in mind. In short, let ZYNK develop the solution and ensure it keeps your financial data secure. We also guarantee top quality and timely delivery. For this, we rely on our rich experience in custom software development for the financial sector.

Custom software development for virtual reality apps

VR & AR Solutions

Create unique experiences with XR technology for healthcare, education, or interior design. Of course, we will help you in the process. The latest technologies and our rich experience are yours.

Custom software development for location based solutions

Location Based Solutions

Do you need a solution that requires location tracking? In this case, we can deliver a system filled with useful features. Simply put, you will enjoy device location tracking, custom maps, and navigation.

Custom software development for social apps

Social Apps

Our experts can implement almost any solution for communication and social networking. Generally speaking, this includes applications for social events, buying, and media sharing.

Custom Software Development Process

For over a decade, we have been building most of our custom software solutions directly for end customers.  Above all, we acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience while working on such projects. We are eager to share this know-how with you. To clarify, you will have the entire software development process covered with ZYNK. Generally speaking, we would handle everything, from discovery to maintenance. Furthermore, doing your custom software development project from the ground up is not the only way to help. In addition, we can assist you with team augmentation once we establish a long-term partnership.

In our projects, we rely on an effective Agile development process. Next, please allow us to explain it briefly.

The business analysis stage of the custom software development process.

Business Analysis

We start each custom software development project with detailed business analysis. First, the business analyst from ZYNK analyzes and documents your business field, processes, and systems. Second, they outline the high-level functional requirements of the new software. The outline should match your organization’s business model. Last, they engage with business leaders and users from your organization. This way, they learn how the new software can add value to your organization.

The architecture stage of the Agile development process.

Software Architecture and Design​

Together with your product owner, our experts identify the mandatory features and layers of the new software. Then, they outline the system architecture and define the data flow and the database. Last, they prepare and share with you a high-level visual representation of the product.

The implementation stage of the custom software development process.


The development team writes the code for the required components and features of the software. In short, our project managers split the implementation stage into 2- to 3-week phases called Sprints. Then, they define for each Sprint the Acceptance Criteria and set of deliverables. In addition, they give you complete visibility and control over the results daily. In short, tracking your project works like a breeze.

The testing stage of the Agile development process.


Following implementation, our Quality Assurance engineers complete a series of activities to ensure the software meets your acceptance criteria. For example, we can perform manual or automated testing and run unit, integration, and acceptance testing.

The deployment stage of the custom software development process.

Software Deployment

The deployment is the release of the final version of the software solution to the customer or the general public. Simply put, deployment means getting your software ready for use. For this purpose, we may deploy it to a test server where your QA team can further check it. As each software is unique, we customize the deployment process based on the functional and technical specifications. In short, you will get everything you need to run it in your IT environment, including the user’s guide.

The maintenance stage of the Agile development process.


Delivering the product to you does not end our collaboration. We will make any adjustments you might need to the software and respond to requests from its users. Such adjustments may include enhancing existing features, removing outdated components, and system optimization.

Leverage the full power of technology.
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What are the Benefits of Custom Software Development?

Suitability of Custom Software

Custom software aims at meeting the specific needs of your organization better than off-the-shelf solutions. Without a doubt, your organization is unique, and so are its particular needs. Of course, there is no ready-made software that will fully meet them the way custom software can.

Productivity from Custom Software

Custom software makes your organization more productive than its off-the-shelf alternatives. The custom software is designed to do what you need. Consequently, it will help your team more than the ready-made one. In a nutshell, your people will work faster and with greater efficiency.

Cost of Custom Software

The initial investment with custom software development can scare the faint-hearted. However, such software is more economical than its off-the-shelf alternatives. Specifically, you break even with the custom software a few years after launch. In addition, you own the custom solution, unlike the ready-made software. Therefore, the long-term benefits are obvious.

Integrating Custom Software

The designers of your custom software know beforehand what systems it must connect with. Consequently, they can find the right solutions for seamless integration. Yet, you can usually integrate off-the-shelf software only with other popular ready-made solutions. Connecting it to your internal software might be difficult and expensive.

Flexibility with Custom Software Development

Your organization is constantly evolving in ways that may be unique. As a result, it may have to adjust the software it uses. In general, enough users may need features that ready-made software lacks. Without a doubt, this might not be the case with the changes or additions you need. On the other hand, custom software can evolve with and for your company.

Scalability of Custom Software Development

Businesses never stop growing. As most off-the-shelf software is charged per user, its cost increases with size. In short, the growth of your company can exponentially increase your costs with ready-made solutions.  Furthermore, such software may not be able to handle the heavy load, unlike custom software. Simply put, custom software grows with your company.

Security of Custom Software Solutions

Contrary to popular beliefs, your custom software can be safer than a ready-made solution. For one thing, hackers target commercial applications with many users. For the other, fewer users mean stronger security gates. While major providers of ready-made software take security seriously, they also face way more threats than owners of custom software. With a good IT security department and affordable investments in hardware and software, you can have a foolproof custom solution.

Why ZYNK for Custom Software Development?

Words coming directly from our clients are the most convincing. Therefore, please check their testimonials. Our clients were impressed by our results, expertise, and human touch. Besides,  they enjoyed the security of our solutions, our flexibility, and proactivity.
Experience in custom software development.


Hundreds of custom software solutions successfully delivered means a lot. If you need experience and talent, ZYNK will not disappoint you.

Benefits: quality.


Top-quality custom software comes from passion and striving for excellence. Of course, you will find them both in considerable amounts at ZYNK.

Benefits: security.


The security of your data has always been our top priority. In short, we spare no efforts to keep it far from hackers and prevent data leakages. Stay secure with ZYNK!

Benefits: focus.

User Focus

Focused on the user, we solve real needs with elegance and efficiency. Choose ZYNK and your software products get fantastic user ratings.

Showcase of Custom Software Development Projects​

Personal Data Handling

The system allows users to control their online information. First, it scans, analyzes, and stores the data. Additionally, it protects data using advanced encryption. Then, it processes it with optical character recognition. Last, it generates the certificate which the user can buy online.

Gift Buying Platform

This software is a social platform that suggests gifts for special occasions and saves favorite gifts from social media or online shops. Furthermore, it includes a system where users can track gift shopping and create reminders or events. Last, it features gift list sharing and gift suggestions.

Talent Management

Our client, a global leader in recruitment, needed help with a legacy system. Thus, they wanted to fix the obsolete recruitment and personnel management processes. The solution we implemented includes an applicant tracking system, a CRM, and a personnel management tool.

Is ZYNK the Right Company for Custom Software Development?

Please check the answers to the following questions to find out if a partnership with ZYNK may suit your custom software development project.

We are perfectly equipped for small to medium-sized custom solutions. Furthermore, we would rather take charge of entire projects than provide dedicated teams to our clients. In short, our approach suits companies to wish to focus on their core business. By partnering with ZYNK you will can delegate the entire custom software development process to us, Furthermore, make sure our technical skills are appropriate for your solution. Specifically, we master .Net, Java, Angular, Android, iOS, and ReactNative, among others.

What services does custom software development include at ZYNK?

In a nutshell, ZYNK provides custom software development and testing. Furthermore, we offer big data consultancy, IT consulting, and CTO services. With dozens of clients served and hundreds of software projects completed, ZYNK can be ideal for your custom software development needs.

What engagement models does ZYNK recommend for custom software development?

First, you may opt for the time and materials model, which means you would coordinate the ZYNK specialists. Then, we can offer you a dedicated team for the project for a specified period. Finally, we do the entire project for you for the amount agreed in the contract.

While we work in any of the three models, we prefer to be accountable for the entire project. Thus, we can start working in the time and materials model when you are willing to gradually transfer the entire project to us.

How much does custom software development cost at ZYNK?

The cost of custom software development depends on its size and complexity. Briefly, it can range from dozens of thousands to millions of dollars. For example, a custom enterprise-level ERP solution, starts at $200K.


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