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Custom, Secure IoT Software Development and Solutions

Do you need a secure IoT application for business or home use? In this case, custom IoT software development from ZYNK can be your anwer. To clarify, we can convert your idea into an effective solution. With us, you will get an IoT solution tailored to your specific needs. Thus, the custom IoT system will allow you to connect and manage devices. Furthermore, it will improve your data-driven business decisions. In short, the experts at ZYNK can assist you with the mobile and Web software components of your IoT system. In this process, they will follow best industry standards. Let our specialists bring your IoT project to life. In short, they will take it from requirement definition to product support. Of course, they will also handle prototype design and implementation, testing, and mass production. Learn what you would earn by choosing Romania and our software development services.

Custom IoT Solutions​

IoT services: custom IoT solutions.

Overcome the limitations of a hierarchical network architecture with our state-of-the-art custom IoT solutions. Simply put, let on IT software development company worry about your problems. Then, focus entirely on your core business.

Mobile IoT Apps

IoT services: IoT mobile app development.

Manage your connected devices with a tailor-made mobile app. Namely, ZYNK can make the right custom IoT app for you. In essence, you can remotely control home appliances, a car, or a pet with a custom app from us. Get started now.

IoT Architecture

IoT services: IoT architecture.

Share with us your initial idea of an IoT application. Then, we will grow it with you at our side. Specifically, ZYNK will cover all stages of the project professionally. From application architecture to the technology stack and the project plan.

IoT Testing

IoT software services: IoT testing

Testing and developing your IoT systems with different providers will ensure impartiality. Obviously, experts from an IoT software development company like ZYNK can run for you compatibility, connectivity, performance, and security test.


IoT software development services: dashboards.

Keeping all your IoT data in one place makes things simple. Thus, custom IoT dashboards from ZYNK offer you a centralized view of your IoT information. Furthermore, you can get it on mobile, desktop, or in the cloud.

IoT Consultancy​

IoT software services: IoT consultancy.

Get expert advice throughout the entire lifetime of your IoT project. Your trip from idea to a fully operational, scalable, and secure IoT application can be smoother than you imagine with ZYNK Software.

Industry Use Cases for our Custom IoT Software Development Projects

Experience in IoT applications for the retail and financial sectors.
Experience in IoT applications for the agriculture and smart energy sectors.
Experience in IoT applications for the logistics and healthcare sectors.

Leverage the full power of technology.
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Showcase of IoT Software Development Projects

Custom multi-platform, scalable, and innovative software products are the types of projects our customers trust us with. In short, we can deliver almost any type of solution leveraging our extensive experience in custom software development. For example, we have implemented solutions ranging from consumer apps to IoT and enterprise platforms.

IoT Platform

Our platform allows users to build IoT solutions fast, without any programming. It is ideal for smart buildings and cities, healthcare, and manufacturing. In short, it features device connection, parameter measurement, alert issuing, and report generation.

Parking Solution

Our parking management platform is complex and environmentally friendly. Its core component, the web and server application, offers tools to regular and privileged users. For example, the latter can access location, fee, and parking device management.

Small Vehicle Rental

This solution includes a server and a mobile app. The former is for managing and the latter for viewing and renting vehicles. Furthermore, users can check their renting history. The app also features geofencing, vehicle registration, and live tracking.

Why ZYNK for IoT Software Development?

We start by letting our clients speak for us. Thus, please learn what they think about ZYNK from their testimonials. Our clients enjoy our openness, flexibility, and positive attitude. Besides, they appreciate our speed, technical prowess, and courage to challenge their ideas.

Experience in IoT, a benefit of working with ZYNK.


Leverage our rich experience in designing and implementing custom IoT solutions for any specific IoT need you might have.
Service quality, a benefit of working with ZYNK.


Choose our top quality, passionate people, and mature processes if you settle for no less than an exquisite custom IoT solution.

Data security, a benefit of working with ZYNK.


Let ZYNK protect the data streams shared in your IoT ecosystem and prevent external devices from accessing it.

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