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IT Consulting Services from Romania

To create a sound IT strategy for digital transformation, you need broad expertise, deep technical background, and brilliant people. Hence, look for a partner that has them all. Clearly, an IT consulting firm can help your company streamline its operations and better serve its clients. For this purpose, ZYNK uses the best technologies and practices available. To move ahead, you will need new technology and enterprise systems. Mapping them out is a complex process in which IT consultants prove invaluable. Hence, if you lack them in-house, turn to an external provider of IT consulting services like ZYNK for a small project or long-term guidance and strategic advice. When you need an IT consultant, look for a trustworthy partner like ZYNK. Simply put, your tech-savvy competitors  cannot outclass you with ZYNK at your side.

No-code Development

No-code development has been rapidly gaining traction with companies and software engineers alike. Hence, ZYNK accepted the challenge by developing its own no-code IoT platform for smart buildings, smart cities, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Prime IT Consulting Services

At ZYNK you can choose from a wide range of information technology consulting services. Thus, we offer you everything from strategic IT planning to virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO). Getting access to deep and broad expertise, masters in most mainstream technologies, and a can-do attitude has never been easier. In short, share with us your business needs and we will find the best solution together.

Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT planning services

Do you need help defining your IT vision and creating a strategic plan? Or for creating organizational value with IT, technical know-how, and digital assets? When you do, use ZYNK’s outline of the IT changes that would create value in your organization.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture consulting.

IT systems with outdated architecture can erode a company’s reputation and position in the market. Hence, you need experts in enterprise architecture to turn ineffective IT systems into modern cloud-based infrastructures. Streamline your company’s operations with ZYNK.

IT Assessments

IT assessment services

Your company has most likely developed its IT system gradually, with layers of hardware and software of different generations. Thus, it is facing security gaps and inefficiencies. With a comprehensive review of your IT environment from our IT consultants you can identify critical security areas your company must address.

Software Portfolio Consulting

Software portfolio consulting services

How your organization uses its enterprise and mobile software can make or break the company. Hence, consider a deep analysis from our expert IT consultants. In a nutshell, our specialists will suggest changes in your IT landscape, including integration of third-party solutions. Thus, you can easily remove any existing and potential roadblocks.

Cloud & Data Migrations

Cloud and Data Migration Services

Transferring data and applications from your organization’s data centers to the cloud is most likely a process you have already considered. While nobody can question the cost and security benefits such a transfer brings, doing it may prove daunting. When you need a cloud migration, ZYNK’s IT consultants can help you devise the right strategy.

Virtual CIO

IT consulting - virtual CIO

A vCIO from ZYNK acts as your part-time employee to support your short, medium, or long-term IT projects. Hence, consider a vCIO if your business lacks the resources needed for a full-time, in-house CIO to give it strategic direction. The beauty of this solution is you will pay for that expert only until they complete the project.

Why IT Consulting?

To keep the IT systems of your organization up to date, you need highly skilled specialists. When you lack them, outsourcing the positions to an external provider seems logical. This approach presents many benefits, of which we will briefly explain those we consider the most relevant.

Cost Savings from IT Consulting

An IT consultant can complete your project much faster than less experienced in-house personnel. Thus, the return on your investments from the consultant may exceed by far the one from their in-house counterparts. Besides, you will need fewer people to complete the project and keep the IT consultant involved only until project completion.

Time Savings from IT Consulting

Unlike less experienced people, IT consultants get up to speed in next to no time. In short, they need a brief project onboarding and little support from your internal team throughout the project. Furthermore, the IT consultants leverage their depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to work at breakneck speed. Thus, don’t look surprised if they finish the project sooner than you dared to hope.

Lower Security Risks

Our IT consultants are experts at spotting and addressing security threats in your IT systems. Thus, they work hand in hand with your team to identify your organization’s security gaps and devise a plan to manage them. When your software maintenance process needs improvement or you rely on legacy software that threatens data security, ZYNK can help you stay secure.

Higher Productivity from IT Consulting

In many companies huge work volumes, tight deadlines, and conflicting priorities demoralize in-house IT teams. Hence, organizations may seek help for specific projects from external IT consultants to alleviate this problem. Briefly, those experts will help your people focus on what they do best and thus meet business targets.

Transfer of Know-How

An experienced IT consultant working with your in-house team will help team members grow much faster than they would otherwise. Hence, they can contribute to the accelerated growth of your people by sharing expertise and providing training. Thus, your company will experience an unprecedented boom and get future-ready in record time.

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Why ZYNK for IT Consulting?

Learn how our clients perceived their relationship with ZYNK directly from their testimonials. Specifically, they chose ZYNK for IT consulting for the quality of our services, experience of our people, data security, and customer centric approach.

Security in IT Consulting


Expert IT consultants provide services of a quality impossible to match with in-house resources. Thus, the consultants can modernize your IT systems to a level you might not dream about. Let the experts turn your digital assets into money-making machines.   

Customer focus

Customer Focus

We put our clients at the heart of any business decision we take. Hence, ZYNK’s IT consultants will actively listen to you and base all their actions on your feedback and behavior. Meeting your organization’s needs and goals will be ZYNK’s top priority.

Experience in IT consulting


From strategic IT planning to enterprise architecture and cloud migrations, ZYNK has completed any type of IT consultancy project you might think of. Leverage the experience we thus accumulated to make your organization future ready.

Security in IT Consulting


Our IT consultants are experts at spotting and addressing security threats in your IT systems. Thus, they work hand in hand with your team, identify your organization’s security gaps, and devise a plan to manage them.

Key IT Consulting Projects

Personal Data Management

This AI-enabled solution gives users control over their online information through the user certificate. In short, the application features data scanning, analysis, storage, advanced encryption-based data protection, and optical character recognition.

No-code Development

To meet its client requests for no-code solutions ZYNK devised a platform for AI- and IoT-enabled management information systems. With it, business owners can manage smart buildings, cities, factories, farms, and many other smart businesses.

Talent Management

Our client chose ZYNK for a legacy modernization project for their recruitment and personnel management platform. Given that, we welcomed the challenge and implemented a modern solution capable of dealing with huge volumes of data.


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