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Gheorghe Mates, CEO of ZYNK Software, a Romanian software company
Gheorghe Mates, PhD
Co-founder – CEO
With an impressive 25 years in the IT industry, Gheorghe is a seasoned leader and visionary with a Ph.D. degree in multi-objective optimization and evolutionary algorithms.

As the CEO and co-founder of the company, he brings a wealth of experience in technical management, having held positions at esteemed companies such as Betfair, Vodafone, and Nivis for over 16 years.

Gheorghe’s exceptional technical skills and expertise in architecting large-scale platforms showcase his deep knowledge and proficiency in technology. His forward-thinking approach and innovative mindset drive the company’s success, positioning him as a respected figure in the industry.”
Mihaela Plesa, Business Architect of ZYNK Software.
Mihaela Plesa
As a proud graduate of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Mihaela is a dedicated tech enthusiast who believes in excellence in everything she does.

As a female leader and co-founder of the software company, she possesses a rare blend of creative and analytical skills, which she has leveraged to lead tens projects across various technologies and complexities. With a multifaceted role within the company, Mihaela’s passion for technology drives her to innovate and excel.

Her diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to quality make her a valuable asset to the team, inspiring others and contributing to the company’s success.

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