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Mobile Application Development

However complex your business needs are, we will create together the perfect mobile app.
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Mobile application development services

With over 50 successful custom mobile app development projects successfully completed, no challenge is too big for ZYNK. Do you need a classy and effective custom mobile application? Of course, you can get it by leveraging our depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. In the process, you may either work side by side with us or let ZYNK handle everything. In short, our mobile applications cover diverse industries and areas of application. Furthermore, we master wishlist management and sharing, smart parking, customer loyalty, and messaging. Add to these 20 more and you will understand how versatile we are. Outsourcing your entire mobile app to ZYNK will spare you a lot of effort and ensure top product quality.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development services from ZYNK.

Take advantage of our broad experience in developing custom mobile apps for nearly every industry and any feature you might think of. Thus, you will have everything covered, from the drawing board to launch and support.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design services for mobile solutions.

Drive customer retention with an attractive mobile app. Our custom UX/UI designs will increase your conversions and revenues. Of course, we will help you find what your audience wants and then engage it with our designs.

Strategy services

Mobile strategy services from ZYNK.

With our experienced consultants in mobile strategy, you can quickly find solutions to your business problems. Focus on your core processes and let our experts shape your mobile presence and apps.

Mobile application development projects

Our clients trust us with mobile apps covering diverse industries and areas of application. For example, we have implemented solutions for wishlist management, smart parking, and messaging. Above all, our versatility is what makes ZYNK your ideal partner for custom mobile application development.

Drone traffic management

The application is a bridge between aviation authorities and drone operators. Thus, operators can register in the application all their drones with their activities and coordinates. Furthermore, they see the areas where they are authorized to fly. Authorities use the system to monitor the registered drones.

Fitness activity booking

This is a solution that returns the best search results for online and offline fitness activities. Thus, the mobile application uses an optimized search engine to help the user find the desired information. Besides, it allows the users to book and pay for activities and synchronize the bookings with the calendar.

Movie streaming apps

The app makes cinema screenings accessible to people with visual and hearing impairments. In short, it provides to the app users audio descriptions and subtitles for films showing in cinemas. Thus, moviegoers can get the full experience without needing any special equipment.

Mobile application development - areas of application

Location-based and m-commerce mobile apps.
Types of mobile apps developed by ZYNK: financial and messaging solutions.

Why ZYNK for mobile application development

It is fair to have our clients speak for us. Thus, please check their opinions in our testimonials.  Our clients appreciate our reliability, warmth, and quickness in response. Furthermore,  they are impressed by our proactivity, openness, and flexibility.
Experience in mobile app development.


Building a portfolio of over 50 complex mobile applications greatly expanded our breadth and depth of expertise. Thus, we learned the needs and pains of a variety of industries and areas of applications. Consequently, we have been building valuable business and technical know-how. In addition, we learned how to adjust to different cultures and time zones.

Quality of our services


To create a top quality custom mobile app you need a team of specialists driven by unequal passion and dedication. For example, people like those of which ZYNK has never been short of. For them, leaving any stone unturned before reaching perfection is inconceivable. They will spend all the time it takes to meet your standards of quality.

Security in mobile application development


According to a study by Security Magazine, 63% of mobile apps have security vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, apps for baking rank third in the list, 88% of them having vulnerabilities. More importantly, 98% of the apps analyzed included open-source software. Let ZYNK worry about all these and prevent the security glitches in your app.

Leverage the full power of technology.
Choose a reliable partner for mobile app development.

How to choose your partner for mobile app development

We recommend a rigorous process to decide whom to work with on your mobile app development project. In short, there is a series of question you must answer in the order we indicate. Start with roughly ten potential development partners and keep removing unsuited candidates with each new question. By following the entire process as suggested you will be left with the best partner for your project. 

Should I choose a freelancer or a mobile app development agency?

A freelancer works on their own and provides services on a per-project basis. As a rule, you may have a hard time keeping a freelancer motivated for a long time. Thus, the freelancer may let you down before the project ends or during the maintenance stage. For a small project, you can probably find a freelancer who can do most of the work. Nevertheless, the skill set of that person might prove insufficient. Furthermore, having no backup means you risk missing deadlines. Something unexpected may take the freelancer from your project at any time. Hence, you may be better off with a mobile software development company. The mobile app agency will make sure your project is never understaffed. Furthermore, they usually have professionals with all the skills the project demands. Hence, you will have better chances to finish the project on time.

What mobile platforms does the mobile software development company master?

While the development process is similar on all the platforms, each platform has its particularities. Thus, a company that has only developed iOS apps is not a smart choice for an Android solution. The programming languages for the two are entirely different, as are the tools used in development. In short, you must make sure the prospective partner supports the platforms you wish to use. Besides, you may consider cross-platform development if you need a mobile app for multiple platforms or operating systems. A mobile software development company that has this competence can save you lots of money.

Does the mobile application development agency have all the skills I need?

A mobile software development company should be able to do your entire mobile project. In short, this means figuring out the problem the app will solve and everything else until maintenance. Above all, they must prove they can convert ideas into prototypes. This is what you will most likely want to begin with. Next, they should master all the mobile platforms, devices, and tools required by your app. To figure out if this is the case, ask them what they used for similar apps and have a consultant assess the answers. Then, play with a few apps done by the agency to find out if they are user friendly and fun to use. A must for you is know-how on beta testing the app to assess the user experience. Last, if you are not familiar with all it takes to build a memorable app, hire a consultant to assist you.

How strong is the portfolio of the mobile app development agency?

It is essential to find out if the mobile app development agency has a solid and relevant portfolio. In short, you must check if they have the right experience. Thus, look in their project portfolio for mobile apps like yours. If you don’t find any, ask the company to send you some case studies. Next, download and check a few mobile apps. We mean, verify their usability, features, ratings, and reviews. Further, ask the mobile software development company to explain how they built the apps that seem relevant. Finally, check if the agency has expertise in the mobile platforms you wish to support. Repeat this process for all the agencies you shortlisted. In short, make sure the company you choose has done projects for the industry or area you are targeting. Obviously, the requirements for a financial app are quite different from those for a health care solution.

Does the mobile software development company have mature processes?

A recently established mobile agency may have gaps in processes that are important for you. On the other hand, an “older” company had more time to shape and test its processes. We speak not only of development processes but also about testing, security, and legal compliance. Above all, you want your tech partner to outlive your mobile app. Well-shaped and proven processes increase the mobile agency’s chances of long-term survival. Besides, they often mean efficient and effective project and time management. The agency’s healthy processes can help you complete the mobile app on time and within budget. In short, request information about several critical processes. We recommend you start with development and testing, project management, and data security.

Are the interfaces of the mobile software company's apps user friendly?

The success of any software application rests largely on its usability. Hence, look for a mobile agency that scores high on user interface and user experience design. The company you choose should have a deep understanding of your prospective buyers. In short, the agency will use its know-how and research to figure out what users might want to do with your application. Then, the company will include the right elements in an appealing, easy-to-use interface. Above all, easy-to-access and understand features will impress your app’s users. When shortlisting mobile agencies for your project, ask if they would include a design mockup of the app in their proposal. Thus, you will get an idea of their expertise and understanding of your project. As mentioned before, you should also check some apps developed by the agency for usability.

How does the mobile app development agency protect user data?

The 300% increase in cybercrime during the pandemic caused significant concerns to mobile app development agencies worldwide. Accordingly, the agencies took strict measures to improve security. Furthermore, software companies switched to the remote mode. Home offices may be unsafe and unknown to IT security personnel. Furthermore, the stakes are even higher if your mobile app is for a regulated industry like fintech or healthcare. These industries attract hackers more than others. According to the HIPAA Journal, “9,710,520 healthcare records were accessed” illegally in September 2020. With this in mind, how can you ensure your data is protected? First, make sure the mobile agency follows best practices. Then, ask if they are ISO-27001 certified for information security management. Last, ask clients of the agency about the data protection measures applied to their projects. Your technical partner should rely on multi-layered security to protect your data against major threats.

Can the mobile software development company meet my time and cost constraints?

At this stage, your shortlist includes mobile software development companies with the right experience and processes. Hence, the time is right to talk about deadlines and money. For this purpose, request estimates from the mobile app agencies that are still on your list. Start by sending them comprehensive information about the project and answering any questions they might have. First, the agencies must understand your goals for the app. The target audience and what the app must do for them are also essential. Furthermore, share your desired timeline and budget with the agencies. Developing a proof of concept in three months is far away from building a complex mobile app in one month. How you want to deliver the app to the users is also essential for the estimation. Based on this information, the agencies will prepare detailed estimates. Of them, take the top three into the next round.

How easy is it to communicate with the mobile software development company?

The mobile software development company should respond clearly and promptly to your requests and be transparent from estimation to maintenance. Thus, if the agency has too little information to prepare the quote, they should tell you upfront. Furthermore, we recommend the Agile methodology for most mobile app development projects. In this approach, the project requirements evolve naturally. Obviously, you must be aware of what might change and why. Hence, make sure you get from the agency the type of communication and support that suits you. In short, learn how they communicate before signing the contract. Are they willing to accept your tool for project management? Can you reach any member of their project team directly or only through their project manager? As miscommunication can easily take a project off track, make sure it will not happen to you.

What kind of post-development support do I get?

This last question can prove decisive when choosing the mobile agency for your project. As already mentioned, developing a great app does not guarantee its success. Getting the app listed on the Android or iOS stores and promoting it is equally important. Hence, ask the companies on your shortlist what kind of support they provide. For example, they might help you with app listing and ongoing maintenance services. Learn beforehand how much these services cost and request references for them. Usually, mobile app agencies charge a lot to provide support after development. As changes and updates to the app are unavoidable, make sure your partner agency is willing to help and has fair rates. At ZYNK you would get full support at any stage of your app’s lifecycle, at competitive rates. We care about you and therefore do everything in our power to bring your vision to life.

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