Mobile Game Development

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Mobile Game Development Services

Mobile game development has a lot to offer to organizations worldwide. Thus, mobile games can provide pure entertainment or be helpful in healthcare, education, or interior design. In short, our know-how in mobile game development can bring your idea to life in next to no time. Whether small or big, simple or complex, any mobile game project will receive our full attention. We have extensive experience with 2D, 3D, mobile, desktop, VR, and AR games. Furthermore, we continuously adapt our dynamic game development process to fit your needs. Besides, we always use the latest and best technology available that suits your needs. We aim at delivering high-quality, full-featured products, prototypes, or MVPs. Learn why it is worth choosing our software development services.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Nowadays, users can choose from lots of different types of platforms for games. Thus, each platform has its specific purpose and pros and cons. Making your product available on as many platforms as possible is an important business decision. Besides, cross-platform game development raises serious technical challenges. Luckily, the latest technologies available help a lot in simplifying the process. Thus, we consider Unity3D the number one gaming engine from cross-platform game development. Investing time and money in a single cross-platform project is a total game-changer. Of course, the project’s specifications have a significant impact on the choice of technologies.

Mobile Game Development

Nowadays, mobile games are the most popular source of entertainment. As most people own a smartphone or tablet, they can enjoy games every day. With strong expertise in mobile game development, we can create memorable mobile games for you. Thus, we will develop them to the highest standards and include all the popular features that are prerequisites for success. We mean gamification elements, integration with social media, ads, or other monetization techniques. Besides we will include push notifications, single-player, multi-player, online, and offline gameplay.

VR/AR Game Development

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are among the most popular concepts for the future of software applications. Over the last few years, our team successfully delivered projects for some of the most popular virtual reality game platforms. Thus, they master Oculus Rift, Oculus GearVR, and Steam devices. We know the market and what different audiences expect. In short, this know-how and our expertise can help you choose the platform that suits your needs best. Let us unleash the potential of this future technology and take your idea to the next level. We will create unique and immersive experiences that will change the lives of all the game lovers out there.

Mobile Game Development Projects

Custom mobile games have been our passion since the first days of the company. Put differently, when we do not have a client project running, we do mobile games for fun. From VR to slot games, we can implement any idea you might think of. Naturally, our versatility will be a great asset for you in any game development project.

Virtual road crossing

The virtual reality game simulates an endless road crossing experience. We have set the 3D VR experience in a world of high-speed cars and boundless lanes. Besides, the game features a mixture of bright, colorful scenery and realistic traffic sounds. In short, the game lets the user move back and forth to avoid being run over by a moving vehicle.

Multiplayer slot game

Our client wanted a slot platform that fits the preferences and play style of today’s social, casual gamers. Consequently, we fitted the game with revolutionary new slot interfaces and made it fast, easy , and fun to play. Thus, we ended up with a thrilling new casino game experience that fits anyone who loves casual social games. Besides, the game is social and multiplayer.

Word puzzle game

We developed this game to give players a real brain workout. Thus, users can test their vocabulary and find words by mixing different letters. Furthermore, they can take on many challenges prepared for them at each step of their journey. Plus, each game level is unique, as it may allow new words and forbid words from previous levels.

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