Platform for no-code IoT development


No-code IoT solution development makes your digital transformation smooth and fast.

Do you need a secure IoT application for business or home use? With ZYNK‘s platform you can develop connected IoT apps using no code. In short, collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and reacting to data streams from connected devices and from enterprise systems has never been easier.

Our product is suited for smart buildings, smart cities, manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare.



What is the no-code IoT development platform good for?

The platform features data harvesting, analysis, monitoring, control, and prediction services. Furthermore, it issues notifications and intelligent alertYou can use the platform to create a visual representation of the IoT system, manage the connected devices and device configurations, and do software updates for the devices. Once configured, the system harvests data using mobile, IoT, or other intelligent devices. Finally, the platform permits analysis starting from predictions made by a machine learning mechanism. With current and historical data, the system can automatically generate auto-machine learning models. The user can then rely on those models in predictions and decision-making.

Features of the no-code IoT development platform

Data intelligence

Data intelligence

Stream, analyse, and transform data you collect from different sources with our platform. Leverage machine learning to create models to predict or classify using a no-code approach. You can define logic to use the data to trigger different actions and to notify users or other systems when necessary.

Custom apps

No-code development of custom IoT apps

Build the tools you need without writing a line of code. Using a simple wizard you can define data, logic, and views for those tools, which the platform stores as reusable apps. Building a task management app or document libraries has never been easier.

Integrations and data exchange


Streaming of data from your existing device infrastructure or other existing solutions has never been easier. We support industry standard protocols like REST and MQTT and let you transform your data to Metrics, Assets, or any Data Bucket Structure you define with an innovative tool.

Devices and connectivity

No-code IoT development platform - device connectivity

Our solutions let you handle device connectivity using REST API or MQTT or simplified remote logic programming that is available for certain hardware. This approach fits large scale, geographically distributed solutions like those in a smart city or for agriculture and systems where changes in logic are extremely difficult to implement.

Data visualisation

Data visualization

To get an overview of all your data you can define custom dashboards with our platform. Choosing from the existing widgets you can create and display any interactive dashboards you may need.

Digital transformation consultancy

Consultancy in no-code IoT development

IoT projects require vast expertise, which few companies have. Get professional advice from ZYNK to make your journey from idea to IoT solution effortless.

Industry use cases for our no-code IoT solution development projects

No-code IoT development - retail and financial solutions
No-code IoT development - solutions for agriculture and smart energy
No-code IoT development - solutions for logistics and healthcare

Leverage the full power of technology.
Choose a reliable no-code IoT solution development platform.

Showcase of no-code IoT solution development projects

Our customers trusted ZYNK with a wide variety of innovative, complex, and scalable software solutions. In short, you can leverage our extensive experience in custom software development to implement any IoT solution you might think of.

IoT platform

Using the platform, one can build an IoT app easily, without writing a line of code. The platform is suited for smart buildings, agriculture, and manufacturing. In short, you can use it for device connectivity, integrations, data exchange, and data visualization.

Parking solution

We developed the platform to simplify the parking process and make it environmentally friendly. Its privileged users manage the location, fees, regular users, and parking device. Regular user can keep a payment and a parking access history, and pay the parking fee.

IoT agriculture

This solution provides a novel way to display sensor data and to manage tasks for the agriculture sector. Furthermore, it offers smooth and customizable workflows. The app features a user onboarding screen, a dashboard, a controller view, information, and inventory.

Why ZYNK for no-code IoT solution development?

Check the testimonials from a few of our clients to learn what they think about ZYNK. The mostly enjoy our flexibility, friendly nature, and can-do attitude. Furthermore, they treasure our mastery in software development, frankness, and streamlined processes.

Security in no-code IoT development


Let ZYNK keep the data used by your IoT solution secure and out of reach for external devices.

Quality in no-code IoT development


Do you want top class software? Choose ZYNK for the passion and professionalism of its people and its seamless processes.

No-code IoT development expertize


Nothing should outrank experience in the checklist you use to select your IoT solution provider.

Tell us about your no-code IoT solution development project

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