Why offshore software development in Romania?

Why offshore software development in Romania?

Learn why offshore software development in Romania can have a strong positive impact on your project. 

Romania, a serious candidate for offshore software development

Romanian IT companies have long been strong candidates for offshore software development projects. Businesses worldwide benefitted from the skills and proactive attitude of Romanian engineers. Thus, the Romanian IT sector flourished and sparked the interest in Romanian specialists. With almost 120,000 software professionals available, Romania will soon reach 220,000 jobs in the IT&C sector. Furthermore, Romania ranks in Europe’s top 10, with over three software engineers in one thousand inhabitants.

Explanations for Romania's progress in software engineering

Romania’s remarkable progress required a strong infrastructure. Statistics indicate continuous improvements in Romania’s digital backbone. Thus, Romania ranks third on its internet speed from the top 40 destinations for digital nomads, with 57 MBs. Furthermore, it has one of the lowest costs of living and fixed-line broadband. These low costs do not mean that an offshore software development project would be less expensive in Romania than in Asia. However, IT offshoring destinations from Asia have their drawbacks. Thus, the quality of the work and the comfort gained from a better cultural affinity may be well worth the difference in cost.

If the reasons provided above did not convince you to do your next offshore software development project in Romania, keep reading.


Benefits of offshoring software development projects to Romania

Access to specialists and a short time to market are benefits of offshore software development. So are comfort and service. Nearshore software development presents the same benefits. Notably, Romania scores high in all these areas. Let us take them one at a time.

Access to specialists for offshore software development projects

Romania is a hotspot for companies seeking experts in software development. Above all, such companies find in Romania a rich pool of passionate and committed specialists. The country is renowned for its well-educated and well-trained software engineers. With over 120,000 outstanding developers and a constant inflow of new talent, Romania covers diverse needs for software projects. Thus, you can easily find specialists that master the latest technologies and understand your business. Despite the high demand for quality software developers, companies like ZYNK can staff your project with outstanding specialists.

Offshore software development shortens time to market

On average, it takes a company from a developed country to find local talent at least three times more than to offshore the position. Therefore, relying only on in-house specialists can lead to missed deadlines. Furthermore, it might force you to trade speed for quality. To prevent such situations, you can turn to offshore software development. There are two ways of offshoring your work. First, a company experienced working with end customers like ZYNK can take over your entire project. Alternately, a less experienced company can rent only the missing people for as long as you need them. Thus, you will have increased flexibility with staffing and access to talent. Furthermore, you will shorten the time to market considerably.

Comfort from offshore software development

A Romanian provider of offshore software development services can significantly increase your comfort. First, such a provider may spare you time and effort with recruitment and retention. Besides, the software house can give you access to a breadth and depth of expertise you cannot ensure in-house. Last, defining and running complex processes won’t be your concern anymore. Romanian professionals are well-trained and effective. Thus, they can take a considerable part of your workload, leaving you time to enjoy life.

Quality from offshore software development

Quality from offshoring

The breadth and depth of expertise of an offshore software development company can greatly exceed yours. Such know-how will ensure top quality for your projects. Thus, the partner will give you access to specialists exposed to diverse projects and technologies. Furthermore, when the engineers need support, they can turn to their colleagues from other projects. What can your in-house team members do in such situations? Clearly, they need workshops and help from pricey consultants. With the offshore partner, you are all set at lower costs than with in-house personnel.

Increased focus on core processes from offshore software development

Relying on offshore software development means less time invested in internal processes. Thus, you will no longer worry about recruitment, training, and certifications. Furthermore, software processes and security with be your offshore partner’s worries. If you find the right IT partner, consider transferring to them the entire product development. This transfer would leave you with significant extra time for your core processes. Besides, you could spend more on shaping your product vision and doing valuable market research. The more you focus on defining and understanding your market, the better your product will be. In short, the right software development partner can help you focus on what matters most for your business.

Leverage the full power of technology. Choose a reliable partner for offshore software development.

Reasons to offshore software development projects to Romania

Availability of software developers

According to the stateofeuropean tech report, Romania is home to over 200,000 professional software developers. This number is over 1% of the country’s total population, making Romania the second largest source of developers in the EU. Furthermore, over 7,000 students graduate with IT related degrees each year. While the numbers are impressive, many companies fight for this talent. Thus, big global names like Amazon, Microsoft, and Bosch opened offices in Romania. In addition, many foreign companies rely on Romania software houses for their projects. Keep in mind that the average salaries made by Romanian developers exceed only those from countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, and India. With such wages and competition, you must act fast to get a slice of the pie. Offshore software development in Romania can be your best card.

Skilled software engineers for offshore software development projects

A glance at the top IT companies with offices in Romania suggests that Romanian software engineers are highly skilled. Simply put, the quality of the technical pool in Romania is as impressive as its volume. Ratings published by various organizations support this statement. Thus, Romanian developers rank 20th the Hackerrank leaderboard. In Romania, you will find world-class coders in mainstream, niche, and emerging programming languages. Languages like Java and C# are the most popular for Web application development. You will also find in Romania excellent developers for native and cross-platform mobile solutions. Unsurprisingly, niche technologies caught the attention of many talented Romanian engineers. Thus, Romania is home to experts in AI, Python, and Kotlin, among others. Low-code programming on platforms like SalesForce Lightning and Google App Maker has also gained popularity in Romania.

Linguistic abilities in offshore software development projects

Given that English is in high demand, the Romanian government made it a mandatory 99% subject at all levels of education. Thus, 90% of university graduates are proficient in English.
Furthermore, Romania ranked 17th out of 100 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index, ahead of Switzerland and France. The second most popular foreign language in Romania is French, which follows English at a significant distance. As most Romanian developers work for international companies, they get many opportunities to enhance their linguistic abilities. Such companies request a moderate or high proficiency in English at employment. Since mastery of English is critical for successful offshore software development projects, a Romanian development partner is highly desirable.

The strong communication skills of the Romanian developers

As communication is critical in software projects, Romanian companies enroll their developers in soft skill training programs. Thus, engineers in most companies are likely to improve their communication skills. Furthermore, the government recognized the importance of communication by granting it more space in the curricula at all levels of education. Your offshore software development project will greatly benefit from Romania’s new attitude toward communication. We train our engineers to speak with customers and make presentations. Furthermore, we improve their abilities to give feedback and coach their subordinates. Most importantly, we tell them that using technical jargon is appropriate only with people who understand it.

The proactive attitude of the Romanian software developers

Communication abilities of Romanian software engineers

As communication is critical in software projects, Romanian companies enroll their developers in soft skill training programs. Thus, engineers in most companies are likely to improve their communication skills. Furthermore, the government recognized the importance of communication by granting it more space in the curricula at all levels of education. Your offshore software development project will greatly benefit from Romania’s new attitude toward communication. We train our engineers to speak with customers and make presentations. Furthermore, we improve their abilities to give feedback and coach their subordinates. Most importantly, we tell them that using technical jargon is appropriate only with people who understand it.

Mature processes and data security

A Romanian offshore partner for software development will most likely have business processes at least as advanced as yours. Such a company is contractually bound to ensure the security of the data it receives from customers. Given the high number of software projects in its portfolio, a software house also has many opportunities to define and hone its processes. To play safe, request from any potential IT partner project evidence of the processes that matter to you. Thus, an ISO-27001 certification is a good indicator of solid security processes.
On the other hand, an ISO-9001 certification guarantees mature business processes. Getting and keeping these certifications is a complex and expensive endeavor. Therefore, only solid, well-managed companies can afford them. Last, do not forget to look closely at the processes that ensure compliance with the contract terms.

Access by air to the Romanian offshore software development partner

One can reach all the major Romanian IT hubs by air from North America and Western Europe. Cluj-Napoca, for example, has direct flights to many European cities, including Vienna and London. Furthermore, when the Romanian city you choose has no direct flights to yours, you will be able to reach it via Bucharest. You need not worry about the time spent traveling and the associated costs. On average, it takes two to four hours to get by air to the Romanian offshore development team. As for the costs, you will travel to your partner’s site only at the project onset and for major milestones. Therefore, what you gain from the relationship will quickly offset the travel costs. Remember that the development partner may also travel to your site, so not all the hassle is yours.

Time zone overlap

Romania’s time zone is ideal for companies on the East Coast of the USA and in Western Europe. The overlap during regular business hours is two or three hours with Eastern USA and six or seven hours with countries in Western Europe. Furthermore, enough Romanian engineers prefer late shifts. Such engineers can efficiently work with companies from the Western US. In contrast, early risers are perfect for clients from Australia and New Zealand. As most Romanian providers of offshore software development offer flexible schedules to their employees, you will most likely find the right partner for your company. Just keep in mind that you need at least one hour of overlap each day for the SCRUM meeting. More than that is not necessarily a benefit since the time zone difference gives you the chance to stay ahead of your IT partner.

Cultural fit with offshore IT partners from Romania

While the communist era isolated Romania from the rest of the world, the last 30 years brought it back to its rightful place. Thus, Romania is now the economic hub linking Europe with Asia. Furthermore, it is an important strategic point for the NATO alliance and the European Union. The post-communist freedom quickly brought our mentalities close to those in developed countries. Therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised by how similar a Romanian engineer will be to you from a cultural perspective. Frankness and flexibility are among the key values of most Romanian software professionals. So are proactiveness and reliability. Our engineers also share religion and pastime activities with the Western World. In short, people from a Romanian IT company will behave very much like those in your country.

Excellent economic outlook and low geopolitical risks for Romania

Romania has been a NATO member since 2004 and an EU member since 2007. The country’s full member status in these organizations indicates the strong economic and political position of Romania. Furthermore, the EU recognized its strategic role in the union by allocating 30 billion EUR to Romania’s infrastructure and rural areas. This influx of capital will benefit all the economic sectors, including software development. Politically, Romania consolidated its democracy over more than 30 years. In short, the power regularly shifts from liberals to conservatories, without any of the main parties gaining complete control over the parliament. We now enjoy a stable, strong, and modern business and political environment.


The article presented a few reasons to choose Romania for your next offshore software development project. First, Romanian software houses have a rich history in offshore software development. In addition, the country’s pool of IT specialists is large, highly skilled, and longing for challenges. Equally important are the country’s strong positions in various rankings and its rapidly improving infrastructure.
You also learned of your main benefits from offshore software development. Thus, offshoring to Romania means access to specialists and a short time to market. It also brings increased comfort and product quality. Besides, offshoring gives you access to mature processes and secure data and engineers with strong linguistic and communication skills. Furthermore, you would enjoy a healthy time zone overlap and high cultural fit from your Romanian partner. Finally, the country has an excellent economic and geopolitical outlook.

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