Blockchain Idle Game

blockchain IDLE game

Blockchain idle game

This app is a competitive idle space exploring and mining game developed on the WAX blockchain. It features unique characteristics like custom crypto tokens, smart contracts, and passive missions. Furthermore, it offers idle mining, automatic or scheduled transactions, email statistics, an in-game marketplace, a periodic leaderboard, and authentication with multiple wallets. The solution provides all these features around the NFTs staked by the user.


After releasing their public collection of NFTs, our client needed an appropriate solution to increase their collection’s value and raise buyer interest. The idea was a Blockchain game where users could stake their NFTs to buy land and mine properties while earning custom crypto tokens and competing for a higher position and reward on the monthly leaderboard. Furthermore, users should be able to run custom missions, explore the collection’s multiverse, and buy specific boosts from the in-game marketplace. The client also wanted to send an email with ranking statistics periodically.


We went for a serverless software architecture to meet our client’s needs and minimize running costs. Thus, the blockchain smart contract does this instead of relying on a server to execute the business logic. Two smart contracts do it, one for the required computations and game information storage, the other for the custom alternative cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we used complex AWS, and Cloudflare features to our advantage on the business side of things.
As for the UI part, our approach is somehow standard in the web gaming industry. At the core of the application’s user experience lies a fast and scalable game engine named PhaserJs. Given the wide range of features this framework offers, the development of the UI was very predictable and steady.


  • NFT Image Optimisation to reduce costs,
  • Automatic/Scheduled Transactions, to reward users with NFTs and tokens,
  • Application optimization to reduce the user’s resources spent by the blockchain transactions.


  • WAX Blockchain
  • Multiple Custom cryptocurrency: listed on the Alcor Exchange,
  • Multiple RPC endpoints,
  • Scheduled Transactions, 
  • NFT staking,
  • Passive mining,
  • Wide range of missions,
  • In game marketplace: buying rare nfts from the in-game shop,
  • Periodic leaderboard with rewards: competing with other users to earn monthly rewards,
  • Email statistics: receiving periodically emails with gameplay statistics.

Business Value

The game led to an increase in the volume of NFT transactions, generated mainly by the new use case of these assets. It has also created a stronger name for the client in wax blockchain gaming and diversified the buyer base.


Gaming, Blockchain

Areas of applications

Gaming, Cryptocurrency, NFTs

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials

Duration, Effort

ongoing, 7 man months so far. 

Main Activities

Project management, architecture and design, software development, software quality assurance, software maintenance.


HTML5, CSS3, PhaserJS Game Engine, Crypto Wallets: Anchor Wallet, Wax Cloud Wallet, EOSIO/WAX Contracts: Wax RNG(Wax Random Number Generator Oracle), Atomicassets,, Smart Contract Notifications, AWS, Cloudflare Image Resizing, Pinata Gateway.

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