Blockchain RPG Game

blockchain RPG game

Case study - rpg blockchain game

This 3D role-playing game (RPG) relies on cutting-edge principles and features of WEB3. To control and own their in-game assets like avatars, weapons, and skins, players can use fungible and non-fungible tokens (FT and NFT). The game integrates diverse crypto communities and media channels through a multichain framework, giving its users an unforgettable playing experience in an open-world space.


Our client needed assistance in building the open metaverse through blockchain. They required a web application to help them boost sales of their upcoming NFT collection and user base. Furthermore, the client wanted to let users fully control their in-game assets. Therefore, they approached ZYNK to enhance and further develop their current front-end.


The web application developed by ZYNK features unique custom designs, a project roadmap presentation, and subscribe section. Other unique elements include:

  • the NFT mint,
  • event announcements,
  • public sales from new NTF collections and
  • custom crypto token management.

The app represents the first place new users land to discover more about the game. Outstanding animations and stunning elements guide them through their role-playing metaverse.


  • Full custom design,
  • Complex animations,
  • Ethereum integration,
  • Custom token integration.


  • Custom design,
  • Blockchain: Rinkeby, Mumbay Networks,
  • Ethereum,
  • WEB3,
  • Custom charts.

Business Value

The game led to high conversion and a great user retention rate by providing true ownership of in-game assets. Furthermore, it helped our client build a strong marketplace for NFT assets and market position. In short, the RPG game significantly increased our client’s market share in blockchain gaming.


Gaming, Blockchain

Areas of applications

Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials

Duration, Effort

ongoing, 8 man months so far. 

Main Activities

Project management, architecture and design, software development, software quality assurance, software maintenance.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, ReactJs, Web3, Axios, ChartJs, EthereumJs

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