Drone Shooting Game


Dronihilation is a drone shooting virtual reality game. It is set up in an arena where the user fights drone enemies with laser guns. Being a strategy game, it aims at maximizing user engagement using a bonus and scoring system.


The game reproduces an SCI-FI environment and mechanics using futuristic special effects, sounds, and weapons. Besides, it features different types of drone enemies, each of them with unique behavioral patterns. Furthermore, it provides the player with a scoring system to help them keep track of their progress during the game session. In addition, the tracking offers the possibility to get extra points based on different combos.

The players can compete and measure their skills with the other dronihilators through the global leaderboard system.


One of our team’s main challenges was setting up and optimizing the environment and the lighting. As all the action took place in a very dark room, we had to set up several light sources for the game’s theme. Besides, we had to choose the type of light sources carefully.

The behavior of the enemy drones created several smaller challenges, such as those related to the movement of the drones. In short. the biggest challenge was to ensure the enemies avoided each other when crossing paths. And there are plenty of them. To overcome this issue, we implemented a mechanism that makes each drone aware of the approaching objects and ensures it avoids them when necessary.


Four of the game’s features are the most illustrative of all. First, it is entertaining. Next, it provides a 3D Virtual reality experience. Besides, the dynamic and engaging setup we created in Unity delights the users. Last, each enemy has its own behavior, which makes the game challenging and fun.

Business Value

This game represents a must-have in the library of any sci-fi fan since it combines the most common aspects of the sci-fi universe to create a great experience.


Virtual Reality, Gaming

Areas of Application

Computer Games, VR Games, Oculus Rift Games, HTC Vive Games

Delivery Model

Effort and Duration

1 full-time employee, 6 months

Main Actitivies

UI/UX design, project management, software development, software testing



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