Fitness booking management

Mobile Booking Management for Fitness Activities

The platform returns the best search results for online and offline fitness activities. In simple terms, the mobile application uses an optimized search engine to help the user find the desired information. Furthermore, it provides customized user experience based on selected activities and available locations. Besides, it includes a secure payment gateway that allows customers to book and pay for activities fast and reliably. Finally, the application synchronizes each booking with the calendar, building a reliable notification system across shared devices.


Our client is a digital marketing agency looking to provide an easy-to-use online booking system for fitness activities. With this in mind, they created a web-based booking service and decided to add to it a mobile version. Reaching out to mobile users with a mobile solution for iOS and Android was the logical next step.

Technical Solution

We built the application on a model view controller architecture. Consequently, the solution can populate the UI with large volumes of data, seamlessly load remote resources, and keep the interface responsive. Besides, it passes each booking through the booking management system, which creates a calendar event, schedules notifications, and synchronizes passes with Wallets.
We used a scalable payment provider for online purchases for the payment infrastructure, which provided up-to-date APIs and powerful developer tools.


Shaping the product to the customer’s needs was the main challenge of this project. Overcoming it required a few steps. First, clearly defining the scope of and the strategy for the project allowed us to focus on key aspects. Second, ensuring seamless communication and transparency helped us deliver value fast and embrace change when necessary. Third, starting the project with an iOS prototype allowed us to follow the specifications without huge effort.
The second challenge was the tight deadline for the final product. Given that, we decided to validate the idea early in the process, with an MVP. Accordingly, we developed the MVP and collected end-user feedback, which indicated we could go into production. Next, we used the feedback to build the final product, which generated revenue when it hit the market. Last, we implemented the Android solution in less than half of the development time agreed with the client.


There are many notable highlights for this project, of which we will touch on five. First, the adaptable and responsive UI is compatible with mobile devices and tablets. Second, the solution provides a customized user experience based on a dynamic filtering system for activities. Next, it features a payment system integrated with GooglePay and ApplePay. Besides, it provides calendar synchronized events and a built-in notification system. Last, it seamlessly integrates with a native wallet system which facilitates viewing of booked passes.

Business Value

The solution led to increased revenues for the stakeholders.


Sports, Fitness, Outdoor/Indoor Activities

Areas of Application

Booking Management, Payments

Type of Project

Delivery Model

Effort and Duration

2 man years, 1 year

Main Activities

Architecture and design, software development, software testing


Swift, Java, Stripe, ApplePay, GooglePay

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