IoT Agriculture


No-code IoT development - IoT Agriculture case study

This solution provides a novel way to display sensor data and to manage tasks for the agriculture sector.

It also offers smooth workflows that you can easily customize for your business.


Our client needed a solution to visualize the data captured by the sensors and to simplify the data collection process.

We designed this app for managers in agriculture who need sensor data from the field and wish to optimize their operations. IoT Agriculture offers smooth workflows that we can customize for any business. In short, it is user friendly and built to run flawlessly.


To handle detail gathering about logistics for agriculture we developed a module that connects to an already existing IoT platform. The role of the platform is to manage and securely communicate data in the application using specific protocols.

To make it as appealing as possible, we designed the app so that we can use in its development the most recent framework available for iOS applications. We proposed an effective user navigation by changing the tab to a less common one. This solution allows the users to get the information through a relatively simple browsing flow. Furthermore, we included in the application’s design live animations, interactive onboarding, and animated and customized transitions to other screens.


We faced two main challenges with the IoT Agriculture project. From a design perspective, we needed a very simple and straightforward solution for new users. Besides, the client required a new look.

From a technical standpoint, we had to make the communication between the application and the sensor data smoother using the ZYNK IoT platform. For this purpose, we implemented both the manual and automatic launch of the switch type controllers besides displaying sensor data. Simultaneously, to improve management within a company, we implemented the inventory feature, which allows the user to store different types of data.


The app’s interface includes features such as a user onboarding screen, a dashboard, a controller view, information, and inventory.

The main functionalities of the product are visible in the main navigation tab bar of the app. One can examine the registered inventory, information cards for the sensors, and handle the controllers on the dashboard. The remaining tabs provide a comprehensive picture of the registered devices, and the last tab allows the user to register new inventory.



Areas of applications

Workflow management, operation management

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials

Duration, Effort

2 months, 2 full time employees

Main Activities

IT consulting, architecture and design, software development, quality assurance,


Swift, Swift UI, IoT SDK, Sketch 

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