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MOVIE Streaming APPS

Our client approached us with a mobile application concept for the visual and hearing-impaired community. The initial specifications included audio versions and closed captions for movies based on an audio fingerprinting solution. Besides, the client wanted the solution to deliver an enhanced experience with movies run in cinemas or at home. Not long after, they decided to broaden the audiences with international dubbing and subtitles in foreign languages.

Software development project done by ZYNK in Romania. Mobile solution for the visual and hearing impaired.


We built the mobile applications on top of the Swift and Kotlin frameworks to take advantage of the native UI embedded solutions. Given that, we could create the best user experience.

Among the main features of the solution are movie identification and matching against our fingerprint database. To explain, we achieved this by recording microphone input, converting it to a frequency-based fingerprint, and running a search mechanism for the generated fingerprint. Next, after movie synchronization, the solution plays encrypted content in chunks and streams the movie to the user. Then, with the movie finished, it clears data out of memory to prevent sensitive data from being tracked and for memory management optimization.

We validated data integrity using public or private keys to build DRM-protected software and securely transfer data between server and client. In short, our team designed a Reactive architecture that embeds advanced secured storage and Keychain/Keystore and cryptographically binds data to a device to prevent misuse of content. By DRM, we mean digital right management.

We relied on continuous integration pipelines to deliver our code fast and reliably. Thus, the distribution time decreased, and code quality increased.


Content security and copyright protection were our main challenges in this project. Given that, ZYNK proposed the real-time encryption and decryption of audio and text file chunks without any visible impact on the closed captions and audio descriptions. Our software consultants elaborated the project scope, evaluated risks, helped developing, deploying, and maintaining the solution. All things considered, we gained deep knowledge of data protection and anti-tampering solutions while working on this project.


ZYNK had several notable achievements for this project. First, the audio fingerprinting solution for matching microphone input against the movie database works flawlessly. Second, customized device right management ensures a high degree of security. Third, real-time audio and subtitle chunk decryption further adds to the security of the solution. Fourth, data protection is ensured by a suite of reverse engineering and anti-tampering detection and prevention mechanisms. Last, our emphasis on accessibility for visually impaired users paid off.


Entertainment, movie, social media

Areas of Application

Multimedia, Audio streaming, DRM, data protection

Type of Project

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials model

Effort and Duration

100 man-months, 9 years of development and maintenance, on-going

Main Activities

Architecture and design, software development, software testing


Swift, Kotlin, Mufin, RxSwift

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