Multiplayer slot game


A Swiss company is re-imagining the slots platform to fit the preferences and play style of today’s social, casual gamers. With revolutionary new slot interfaces, fast and easy gameplay, we created a thrilling new casino game experience for anyone who loves casual social games.


The solution ZYNK offered is a custom-made multiplayer gaming platform. On top of it, we built the social multiplayer slot game and a set of minigames. One variant of the game uses standard playing-card symbols and poker hands to determine the value of the results on reels.
Our team delivered a mobile game and platform that represents a new vision of casino gaming. Namely, this includes a social side by allowing different players to compete and bet against each other at the same slot table.


Several of the game’s features are worth mentioning here.
First, it is multiplayer and works with both iOS and Android. Next, it is built on a real-time multiplayer, highly scalable, and reliable platform. Besides, it makes intelligent and personalized offers and uses an advanced matchmaking algorithm. Last, it features advanced reporting and business intelligence. 


Gaming, Casino

Areas of Application

Mobile Gaming, Online Casino, Social Gaming

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials model, CTO as a service

Effort and Duration

100 man-months, 2 years of development

Main Activities

UI/UX design, project management, software development, software testing


Cocos2D, Java, Spring, Redis, PostgreSQL, Websockets

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