Parking Solution


The Parking Solution developed by our team represents a complex parking management system. It includes several components and does almost anything one may need from such a system.

IoT software development project: parking solution.


The client is a Romanian startup constantly looking for innovative solutions in parking and mobility. Their target is to simplify the parking process and make it as environmentally friendly as possible.


The web and server application is the core component of the system. In short, it caters to regular users and users with special privileges. For example, the latter can access location, fee, and parking device management. Furthermore, it features user management, payment history, and parking access history. Last, users can access statistics and reports and manage parking subscribers. On the other hand, regular parking customers can pay the fee for the time spent in the parking. Next comes the controller, which controls access to the parking area. Simply put, an infrared camera takes a picture of the license plate number when a car arrives at the barrier. Then, the system identifies the number from that picture. Third, we have the Cashier application, which provides cash payments options to the users. Last, we have the Subscribers application, which allows users to open the barriers when the system does not recognize their number.


The dynamic environment and high volume of data of the application created significant challenges. For example, we had to find ways to optimize several operations. First, our team created schedulers that would run only at certain time intervals. Consequently, the performance of our web client registered a marked improvement. Next, they selected and stored a particular set of data in in-memory storage like Redis. Thus, the overall performance of the platform improved significantly. Last, the license plate reader technology used in our system is not 100% reliable. Figuring out a way to overcome this limitation was no easy feat. We devised a smart process and an algorithm to detect the similarities between plate numbers to minimize the failures in number identification. Thus, we significantly increased the reliability of the system.


Several features of the parking system deserve recognition.
First, the parking administration panel includes a multitude of tools. For example, it provides access to location management, fee management, and device management. Besides, it handles user management, payments and parking access history, subscribers, and statistics and reports. Next, there is the online payment of the parking fee. Furthermore, we have the subscribers and cashier apps. Then, we have touchscreens at all the barriers and payment via POS directly at the barrier. Last but not least, the system generates monthly reports.

Business Value

The platform offers a better and greener approach than its traditional counterparts. In addition, it makes the lives of its users easier.


Parking Management

Areas of Application

IoT, Big Data, Mobile Solutions

Delivery Model

Custom Software Development, Time and  Materials Model

Effort and Duration

60 man-months, ongoing

Main Activities

Architecture and design, software development, software testing


.Net, .Net Core, WinForms, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Docker, SignalR, Redis, Android, Swift, LPR

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