Personal data management platform

personal data management platform

With It's My Data, users can request private user data stored by companies registered in the European Union. Simply put, they can make inquiries about their personal data tracked by EU companies, update, and delete it. The solution ensures all the actions are done according to the GDPR.

Software development project done by ZYNK in Romania. Personal data management platform.


The platform parses, analyzes, and stores the data provided. Besides, it ensures high data protection using advanced encryption mechanisms. Specifically, it starts by using artificial intelligence to sort the information. Then, it feeds it as input to an adaptive optical character recognition mechanism. Last, the system generates certificates that the user can purchase through different online payment gateways. These gateways include PayPal, Crefo Pay, and Sofort and are integrated with the platform.


Among the biggest challenges faced by our team were parsing and extracting the information from different documents, sources, and industries. We overcome them by first creating an advanced image processing algorithm that made the data easy to process by OCR application. Then, we developed an intelligent rule engine that can analyze, categorize, and aggregate huge volumes of data. In addition, we equipped the engine with effective filtering capabilities.


Of our achievements on this project, six are the most noteworthy. First, the solution successfully manages large volumes of data. Second, it is highly scalable, allowing our client to expand it as needed. Third, it incorporates the German credit scoring system for risk assessment. Fourth, it is integrated with a payment solution and different online payment gateways. Fifth, it uses an AI-based rule engine for data filtering. Last, it incorporates an adaptive optical character recognition feature for the image-to-text conversions.


Information Technology

Areas of Application

Big Data, Data Protection

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials approach

Effort and Duration

18 man-years, 3 years of development, development in progress

Main Activities

IT consulting, architecture and design, project management, software development, software testing


Java, Spring Framework, JavaScript, Angular, Angular Universal, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, AWS, Elastic Search, Docker

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