Small vehicle rental

rental management for small vehicles

Mobility solution is a platform for rental management of small size vehicles like bikes and scooters. Availability of green mobility solutions is crucial. First, it is much easier to find parking for them than for classic cars. Next, they would be an answer to the heavy traffic, as small vehicles reduce traffic congestion. Besides, authorities tighten the restrictions on emissions, making it harder to own a car. Last, bikes and scooters are more eco-friendly.

Custom mobile app development project. Small vehicle rental.


Our client is a Romanian startup constantly looking for innovative solutions in parking and mobility. Their target is to make our lives easier with simple, environmentally friendly solutions. In short, they aim at providing practical solutions using the latest technologies.


The system includes two components. First is the web and server-side application, which handles vehicle administration. Second, we have a mobile application that allows users to show and rent vehicles. Furthermore, they can use it to keep track of their renting history.
The solution allows system administrators to geofence the areas in which this service is available. They can achieve this with the administration interface and by customizing areas with unique behaviors. For example, they can define no access areas, speed limit areas, and so on. System operators define the vehicle types; the vehicles are registered and tracked in real-time. With Google Maps services, the solution ensures area configuration and real-time GPS tracking.


Creating the component that handles the communication and synchronization between the server and the vehicles was a big challenge. As many vehicles communicate with the server simultaneously, we needed an optimal way of managing their communication. Besides, the system must handle a vast amount of dynamic data. Our team put serious thought into dividing the data into several categories to collect and store it optimally. Furthermore, they had to decide how to store each data category. By caching the correct data set, our platform received a significant boost in performance.

From a UI/UX perspective, displaying and managing the geofence system was the most challenging. On the one hand, our team had to find the optimal way of showing the geofence configuration to the users. On the other, they had to twiddle with geofence configuration. Doing this allowed our team to find the most efficient and natural fit and feel for the UI.


To us, six of the solution’s features are worth highlighting. First, there is the geo-fence rental system. Then, we integrated the solution with Google Maps services. Next, it features a user-friendly interface for administration and system operators. Besides, it manages a large volume of data. Furthermore, it displays and tracks the vehicles available for rent and has an integrated payment solution.

Business Value

The platform is robust, meets our client’s requirements, and includes a set of valuable features. Its users received the solution well, hailing its quality and the user experience it provides.



Areas of Application

IoT, Big Data

Delivery Model

Custom Software Development, time and materials.

Effort and Duration

24 man-months, ongoing

Main Activities

IT consulting, architecture and design, UX/UI design, software development, Software Testing


.Net, .Net Core, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Docker, Redis, Android, Swift, MQTT, Google Maps

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