Talent management platform

Talent management platform

Big data solution for talent management.

Talent Base is a recruitment management platform that includes an Application Tracking System (ATS), a CRM, and a Personnel Management component. Our client, a global leader in recruitment, commissioned to ZYNK the revamping of a legacy system. Simply put, we had to find a solution to their slow, ineffective recruitment and personnel management processes. The existing system could not handle our client’s volume of data. Furthermore, based on our analysis, the system seemed impossible to scale.


Our client is Lugera, a global leader in recruitment services.


The problems faced by our client with its recruitment services were also present in other areas. For example, the sales and personnel management processes were slow and inefficient. ZYNK did all the project, from design to maintenance and support. First, we developed the solution as a SaaS so that our client can recover the costs. Next, we opted for a multi-tenant solution that can run in the cloud-based or stand-alone.
Then, we decided to make the application as versatile and valuable as possible. Thus, we included modules for all the main activities of the client. For example, we created the Human Resources Management tool for recruitment services. 

Main Components

Simply put, the solution handles the recruitment pipeline, posts job ads, and tracks applications on job portals. In truth, it acts as a personal assistant of the recruiter, suggesting candidates, sending reminders for missed deadlines, and managing task delegation to other persons. Besides, it manages tasks and events, searches for CVs, and matches CVs with job posts.
The other components of the ERP are for team, email, event, contract, and personnel management. Furthermore, we included a fully functional CRM in the system.
First, let’s talk about the team management module for KPI tracking. This module tracks emails, phone calls, and sms. Next, the email client can be synchronized with any email server. Besides, it allows mass mailing, email template management, and email scheduling. The email client supports KPI tracking for our client’s team, CV parsing, and the automatic sync of contacts and opportunities with the CRM.


One of our most challenging tasks was automating most of the processes involved in the recruitment process. Our client wanted to significantly reduce the time a recruiter spends choosing a candidate and offering feedback. To address these issues, we collected feedback from our customer’s stakeholders. Thus, we learned their processes and identified redundancies and shortcuts. Then, we included all these findings in the software.
Other challenges came from combining the functionalities of several different types of software in a single platform. We had to make separate components work together flawlessly. Again, understanding our client’s processes and systems was the key to our success. Before doing any work on a component, we understood what input was needed from other modules and what data those modules must get. Of course, involving the client permanently in the design and development process made a real difference.


Given the magnitude of the solution, we could choose dozens of highlights. As this is not sensible, we will only list four of them.

First, the system manages vast volumes of data. Our client keeps millions of CVs in its database.

Next, it features a modern and effective application tracking system. Besides, it incorporates a full-fledged CRM system and email client.

Last but not least, it acts as a personal assistant and automates the recruitment process. The tool automatically parses resumes and runs an advanced search algorithm to match candidates with vacancies. Furthermore, it features an advanced notification system triggered by the recruiters’ actions or inactions and automatic job posting on job portals. The notification system issues reminders for events like contract expiration, employee data updating, client meetings, and opportunity follow-ups.

Business Value

The final product automated most of the operations previously done manually by the recruiters. Our client mentioned that it reduced the time spent by each employee in the recruitment process up to 10 times.


Human Resources

Areas of Application

Web and Platforms, Big Data, Recruitment

Project Types

Web application development, Big Data consulting

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials.

Effort and Duration

4 years, 200 man-months, ongoing

Main Activities

IT consulting, Business analysis, architecture and design, software development, quality assurance


Java, Spring Framework, JavaScript, Angular, Angular Universal, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, AWS, Orange Cloud, Elastic Search, Docker

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