Task based VR game


10 Seconds is a task-based virtual reality game designed for gaming parties. It is set outdoors, in scenery that recreates the feeling of adventure. The game features engaging graphics, realistic sounds, and complex motion mechanics. ZYNK owns the application, which illustrates our desire to try out and keep up with the latest technologies.


We selected the game’s graphics in the cartoon style area and set up the whole environment in Unity3D. The game has an engaging soundtrack meant to drive the users to act.

We selected all the tasks carefully and relied on simple but exciting mechanics to introduce every new player to Virtual Reality. The difficulty of each task increases as the user completes the one in progress.

The game can be played alone, allowing the player to fight for a place in the global leaderboard or with friends to see who has the best skills and compete in the local leaderboard.


The game was meant for gaming parties, where it is difficult to keep the participants engaged. Thus, our main challenge was to find a set of fun and enticing actions that set the players in a competitive mood. With this in mind, we decided to find the set of tasks included in the final product starting from a prototype. This approach allowed us to test different mechanics and get feedback from multiple potential gamers. In addition, we made the actions very intuitive but not simple. Thus, we left room for incremental adjustments of the difficulty during the game session.

Finding the perfect position for each UI element was also a challenging process. In short, we addressed it by displaying the status of the game session and task progress with several elements that do not obstruct the view or draw too much attention from the user’s current goal.


Of the game’s features, four stand out. First, it is entertaining. Next, it provides a 3D Virtual reality experience. Besides, the dynamic and engaging setup we created in Unity delights the users. Last, its usability was hailed by gamers, who mainly appreciated the large range of colors and interactive design.

Business Value

The product features a smooth gameplay experience that is perfect for anyone that owns a VR headset and mechanics that are a perfect introduction to the overall capabilities of the Virtual Reality devices.


Virtual Reality, Gaming

Areas of Application

Computer Games, VR Games, Oculus Rift Games, HTC Vive Games

Type of Project

VR app developmentMobile game development

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials model

Effort and Duration

1 full-time employee, 6 months

Main Activities

UI/UX design, project management, software development, software testing



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