Unmanned Traffic Management

Platform for Unmanned Traffic Management

This solution is a mobile application for drone management. It is part of a white-label platform that serves both aviation authorities and drone operators. The mobile component of the platform is used mainly by drone operators and the server component by the authorities. In short, the platform provides pilots with a reliable and safe environment for drone operation. Besides, it offers to authorities data needed to monitor the drones registered in the system.

Mobile app development project: unmanned traffic management.


Our client needed a white-label solution for authorities controlling drones in European countries and for drone operators. Therefore, they approached ZYNK for the missing front-end. The client owned the back-end part at the time of their request.


The mobile application developed by ZYNK features drone flight scheduling and management. It provides information and services to both drone operators and aviation authorities. Thus, operators can register all their drones in the application, their activities, and their coordinates. Furthermore, they see the areas where they can fly, including the altitude they are authorized to reach. They can also plan and receive flight approvals in line with international and local regulations. Besides, enterprise operators can plan and validate their drone operations on a 4D map and manage their drone fleet.

We integrated the application into a platform where aviation authorities can manage no-fly zones, visualize and approve drone flights in real-time.


Doing the application customizable both in features and in look and feel was one of our toughest challenges. To overcome it, we started by thoroughly defining the requirements with the clients. Next, we have established the parameters and configurations common to all the possible implementations. Last, we implemented these configurations so that they enable rapid and easy customization.

Another significant challenge was the extremely tight timeline. Thus, we had to complete the MVP for iOS and Android within a month. To meet the deadline, we kept only the key functionalities, flawlessly coordinated our activities in an Agile process, and used components that allow fast development.


Lightweight platform for monitoring drone activity.

Integrated map for indicating flight restrictions zones.

Real-time display of location, environment, and drone data.

Business Value

The application is a bridge between aviation authorities and drone operators. Implemented in European countries like Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, it proved invaluable for authorities and operators alike. Using it, operators could plan, verify and obtain approval from a single system. Besides, they had constant, real-time visibility of their drone fleet. Last, they could automate drone-related paperwork with user-friendly tools.
Authorities could manage their airspace and flight approvals, track drone traffic, and communicate with drone pilots.



Areas of applications

Telematics, Unmanned traffic

Delivery Model

Custom software development, time and materials

Effort and Duration

6 months, 18 man-months, ongoing

Main Activities

Architecture and design, software development, quality assurance,


Objective-C, Java, Google Maps

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