Virtual road crossing


Street Champ is a virtual reality game that simulates an endless road crossing experience. The 3D VR experience is set in a world of high-speed cars and endless lanes. Besides, it features a mixture of bright, colorful scenery and realistic traffic sounds. In short, the application lets the user move back and forth to avoid being run over by a moving vehicle.


When designing and developing the game, we tried to make it as dynamic, challenging, and fun as possible. We created the whole environment for this project in Unity3D. Additionally, we wrote a program to generate the lanes randomly. Thus, we added an unpredicted element to the game sessions. Real-life-like vehicles moving at arbitrary speeds and appearing randomly make the game dynamic. Besides, they keep the sessions challenging and entertaining. As a rule, the difficulty of the game increases as the user advances through the traffic lanes. Finally, the game manages user score history in a global leaderboard. This allows players from all over the world to choose their opponents based on their scores. We made the Unity3D application available on all the well-known VR platforms. For example, you can run it on Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive.


Creating Virtual Reality games for mobile platforms is not an easy feat. First, there are limitations like the processing power or user input techniques. To keep the performance of the game high, we relied on several tricks. For example, we re-used the elements of the game. Next, we created the environment so that few graphic elements can share the scene at a given time.

Scoring high on usability was also difficult to achieve. First, we considered a UI that does not create eye discomfort to the user. Then we targeted a vast audience, of which a small part would be using gamepads. Therefore, we implemented all the game mechanics based on a single input button. This button is the touchpad of the GearVR headset.

Last, making a funny and entertaining game with straightforward mechanics came with its own set of challenges. We tried to compensate for the limitations of the app with its graphics and sounds. Obviously, our team selected them carefully to set the game’s mood and create a thrilling road crossing experience.


Several features of the game are worth mentioning here. First, it is very entertaining. Next, it provides an amazing 3D Virtual reality experience. Last, it is dynamic and engaging.

Business Value

Our main goal for this game was to receive good reviews from the users. Indeed, the game was well received by the VR gaming community. This is clearly illustrated by the positive reviews it gathered and the funny gameplay video.
As it is not a business application, Street Champ has no real business value beyond the small price users pay for it. The game is one of the first crossing road experiences in Virtual Reality.
In short, this little game gave our community the vibe we were looking for.

User Reviews

“The most fun I’ve had with VR for $0.99! This is a must have in your library! :D”
Pisty, SteamVR

“ Teaches you to look both ways before crossing the street!”
Rogueelite, SteamVR

“Very simple street crossing game. Graphics are very nice and the game is relaxing and addicting. Liked it a lot”
TonyVT, Oculus

“Ever wondered what it would be like to be the frog in frogger? Wonder no more! Seriously, you will laugh when you see a bus coming right at you and *splat*. You still get that feeling of horror and then laugh when you realize, it’s not real. Let’s try that again :D”
Superattorney, Oculus


Virtual Reality, Gaming

Areas of Application

Computer Games, VR Games, Mobile Games, GearVR Games, Oculus Rift Games, HTC Vive Games

Delivery Model

Effort and Duration

3 months of development, 3 man-months

Main Activities

Architecture and design, project management, software development, software testing



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