Word puzzle game

Word puzzle game

We developed the Word Puzzle Game to give players a real brain workout. Thus, they can test their vocabulary and find words by mixing different letters. Furthermore, they can take on many challenges prepared for them at each step of their journey.

Game development project. Word puzzle.


Our client is an American Startup aiming at offering the best entertainment mobile game experiences. Hence, they produce games with unique features, guaranteed to win the players.


The complete solution includes a game client, a backend server, and a web client for administration.
The game client represents a 2D type game. Players get through its levels and chapters by combining letters into words. Besides, they can obtain in-game currency from the rich gamification system. They can use the cash comes for daily rewards and challenges and daily tasks.
The server-side is for the management of the player accounts, game levels, and configurations. Besides, it controls features like login, registration, and level synchronization. Furthermore, the web client enables level administration and changing other configurations. The game is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery. Furthermore, it integrates major monetization methods.
Last, the app must understand the players’ behavior and how different key features are performing. For this purpose, integrated 3rd party event tracking SDKs like Firebase, Game Analytics, and AppsFlyer provide valuable data.


Above all, the application has a vast number of features. Of these, creating the words panel was the most challenging. This panel is the visual component of each level. In short, each game level is unique, as it may need new words added or words from previous levels removed. To match features and level, our team had to create the visual component of the level dynamically. Hence, we developed an algorithm that can arrange the words in a table using several predefined rules and the list of words from the level.
Second, the application had to allow different configurations based on the platform we are deploying on. Therefore, our team had to pick the proper configuration for the platform where it deployed the game. Thus, we developed scripts that can select the platform-specific files, plugins, and configurations.


Unique gamification features like daily rewards, lucky wheel, daily challenges, etc.
Mobile Ads integrations
In App Purchases
Social Media Integration (Login/Register)
In App Events
Server Side Integration (Accounts and progress synchronization, levels creation and synchronization, gamification events, etc.)
Local notifications

Business Value

The game is robust, rich in features, and quite valuable to its users. Thus, the targeted community of players received the app very well, giving it positive reviews and impressive ratings. Naturally, our client was delighted with the overall results. The fast and constant growth of the community of players stands as testimony to the value of the game.



Areas of Application

Mobile Games, Indie Games, 2D Games

Delivery Model

Effort and Duration

30 man-months, ongoing

Main Activities

Design, UX/UI, Software Development, Software Testing


Unity3D, Java, Spring Framework, JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker

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