Blockchain RPG Game

blockchain RPG game This 3D role-playing game (RPG) relies on cutting-edge principles and features of WEB3. To control and own their in-game assets like avatars, weapons, and skins, players can use fungible and non-fungible tokens (FT and NFT). The game … Read More

Blockchain Idle Game

blockchain IDLE game This app is a competitive idle space exploring and mining game developed on the WAX blockchain. It features unique characteristics like custom crypto tokens, smart contracts, and passive missions. Furthermore, it offers idle mining, automatic or scheduled … Read More

Blockchain Play-to-Earn Game

Blockchain Play-to-earn game This Blockchain game is one of the most iconic and complex games ever listed on the WAX Blockchain. It has its crypto token published on the Alcor Exchange Market. With features like its own cryptocurrency, smart contract, … Read More

IoT Agriculture

IOT AGRICULTURE This solution provides a novel way to display sensor data and to manage tasks for the agriculture sector. It also offers smooth workflows that you can easily customize for your business. Goal Our clients needed a solution to … Read More

Unmanned Traffic Management

Platform for Unmanned Traffic Management This solution is a mobile application for drone management. It is part of a white-label platform that serves both aviation authorities and drone operators. The mobile component of the platform is used mainly by drone … Read More

Platform for IoT Solution Development

Platform for IoT Solution Development This project is ZYNK’s platform for the rapid development of connected IoT apps. In short, the solution allows the user to collect, analyze, monitor, and react to data streams from connected devices. The data may … Read More

Word puzzle game

Word puzzle game We developed the Word Puzzle Game to give players a real brain workout. Thus, they can test their vocabulary and find words by mixing different letters. Furthermore, they can take on many challenges prepared for them at … Read More

Small vehicle rental

rental management for small vehicles Mobility solution is a platform for rental management of small size vehicles like bikes and scooters. Availability of green mobility solutions is crucial. First, it is much easier to find parking for them than for … Read More

Talent management platform

Talent management platform Talent Base is a recruitment management platform that includes an Application Tracking System (ATS), a CRM, and a Personnel Management component. Our client, a global leader in recruitment, commissioned to ZYNK the revamping of a legacy system. … Read More

Parking Solution

COMPLEX PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM‚Äč The Parking Solution developed by our team represents a complex parking management system. It includes several components and does almost anything one may need from such a system. Client The client is a Romanian startup constantly … Read More

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