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Make your legacy software future-ready with modernization. 

Meet Business Objectives With Software Modernization

With software modernization, you can update obsolete software using modern computing approaches, such as programming languages, infrastructure platforms, software architecture, and development frameworks. In short, modernization means transforming an outdated solution that no longer meets its business objectives into a modern and effective application. Software modernization doesn’t necessarily mean replacing the application. You can optimize a legacy system, update it, or migrate it to more modern architecture. However, simply moving an application to the cloud is only half the story. Before moving them to the cloud, businesses must modernize their applications. The cost savings from such a change may reach 40%. Furthermore, the upgraded system brings more business value to the company.

Our Software Modernization Services

ZYNK can help you with legacy to cloud migration, application re-engineering, recoding, and containerization. All these services can turn your obsolete system into a modern, up-to-date solution that meets the needs of your clients and internal users.

Application Re-coding

recoding services

When your software becomes too expensive to manage, you can consider recoding it, which means refactoring or rewriting it. With the first approach, you would make small changes to clean the code, and with the second, you would redo the code. While less expensive and disruptive, refactoring would not let you add new features to the application. On the other hand, rewriting permits ground-breaking changes to the code but requires significant investments.

Application Re-engineering

software modernization services: reengineering

To provide a better user experience and increase the business value of your software system, you should consider re-engineering it. The outcome of this process is a more stable system with improved overall performance and lower maintenance costs. With re-engineering, you analyze and then redo the system in a new form. Your objective for re-engineering may vary from internationalizing your product to migrating to a better database or improving its performance.

Application Containerization

Software containerization

The costs of an application modernization project are far from negligible. A particularly successful way of addressing this problem is containerization. This technique relies on the so-called containers. In short, each container is a computing environment for one application and runs parallelly with other containers, all sharing a common OS Kernel. Containerization is ideal for microservices or distributed applications.

Legacy to Cloud Migration

software modernization services: legacy to cloud

You are not alone if your legacy or IT application is massive and mission-critical. Like others, you will want it moved to the cloud without stopping it for a single minute and at reasonable costs. At ZYNK, we can turn your legacy system into a modern cloud solution based on micro-services. With it, you will easily deploy new functionalities and forget the days when a bug in one module made your entire system crash.

Why and When You Should Rely on Software Modernization

When designing an IT system, engineers cannot predict how the technology and business landscape will evolve in several years. Therefore, solutions considered state of the art five years ago may no longer impress us today. As an enterprise-level IT system is expensive to build and maintain, businesses tend to postpone software modernization. To figure out the right time for such a major change, balance the cost of maintaining the legacy system and migrating it to modern architecture. In addition, consider how the current system impacts your employees and customers. Would you risk losing customers and employees by delaying the modernization? If so, how much would that cost your business? As something as simple as upgrading a mobile app to simplify online ordering more than doubled the yearly digital sales for the restaurant chain Chipotle, put all that matters in the balance.

Future-Ready Solution

With software modernization, you can rewrite, convert, or port your legacy system to a modern microservices architecture, or upgrade software libraries, programming languages, development environments, or hardware platforms. Thus, you shall add business value to your software by addressing current and forecasted user needs and improving the technical quality of the software.

Lower Management Costs

Keeping outdated software means fixing bugs, pouring money into maintenance, and finding ways to overcome the lack of scalability. Furthermore, as the functional parts of your legacy system are interconnected, fixing one may cause malfunctions in others. Managing such a system eats both your time and your technical budget. On the other hand, software modernization can reduce your operational costs with the software and boost your company’s revenue.

Improved Data Security

The outdated software and hardware in legacy systems can easily lead to costly security breaches. Unsurprisingly, security vulnerabilities plague legacy applications. Additionally, applying security best practices to such systems may prove impossible. Thus, you may give up multifactor authentication, strong encryption, and role-based access by hanging to your legacy system for too long. One proven way to address this issue is software modernization, followed by cloud migration.

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Why ZYNK for Software Modernization?

Learn about the quality of our software modernization services from our clients. They chose ZYNK for software modernization for the quality of our services, extensive experience with the software development process, and focus on data security.

Better quality from software modernization


To successfuly modernize a legacy system you need not only dedication but also plenty of talent, inspiration, and strong quality assurance processes. With ZYNK you will get all these ingredients in large quantities.

Experience in software modernization


From application re-coding to legacy to cloud migrations, ZYNK has delivered all the possible types of software modernization projects to clients of all sizes, in a variety of industries. Let us make your app future-ready.

Spot on

Spot On

By paying attention to even the tiniest details in our software modernization projects we guarantee you a successful transition to the new system. Thus, you will enjoy a robust, scalable, user-friendly, and secure software.



One of the main reasons for software modernization is making the system secure. With ZYNK, you will have this goal addressed at all stages of the project and with the utmost attention. Let us worry about your security threats.


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