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Web application Development

Classy Web application development services. We bring your ideas to life.

Web application development services

How does having a reliable long-term partner for your Web application development projects sound? ZYNK can fill this role and impress your clients with the products it delivers. In short, we focus on quality and transparency and have extensive experience in web application development. Furthermore, having served clients of different types gave us a breadth and depth of knowledge difficult to match. ERP, CRM, big data, recruitment management, and data security are beaten paths for us. Besides, we constantly adapt to new fields and demonstrate flexibility in all our activities. Thus, we can build for you any type of Web application you might think of. We can even help you shape the idea and the specifications for the project.

ZYNK has extensive experience in large-scale distributed systems and Web applications. Furthermore, we have been building responsive, scalable, and visually-pleasing web applications.

Web applications for your business

In the new hybrid work model, people must access company information when and where they need it. Obviously, web applications are a cost-effective way to meet this need. Hence, software companies created myriads of enterprise solutions for this market. Simply put, their list is too long even to try to write it down. There are solutions for Human Resources, finance, project, customer relationship, and IT asset management, among others. Companies can use Enterprise Resource Planners to integrate these components. One such ERP is Talent Base, a recruitment management platform developed by ZYNK. Generally speaking, we can uncover the secrets of your business and come up with the right web apps for your people.

Responsive Web application development

According to oberlo, 53.98% of the Web traffic came from mobile devices in 2021. Hence, it is critical to have websites that look well on all mobile devices and desktop computers. In the early days of the mobiles, the solution to this problem was to have two different versions of the site, one for desktop, the other for mobiles. With the increasing number of screen sizes and resolutions, this approach became impractical. Thus, responsive web design came into the picture. Web agencies produce websites that display nicely on all screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations using this technique. Users’ experience on responsive websites across all devices is consistent and customizable. ZYNK optimizes web applications for all devices and thus delivers user-friendly solutions.

Front-end Web application development

Web apps and portals

ZYNK’s front-end developers improved user experience and boosted customer engagement with user-friendly web interfaces. In short, clients get from us top web app development expertise.

Web solutions for desktop

With its deep understanding of desktop systems and hardware, ZYNK applies modern and user-friendly UIs to desktop solutions. Furthermore, we never settle for less than the latest trends in web design.

Mobile applications

Our custom apps increase conversions and revenues on all mobile devices. Whether you need a B2C, B2B, IoT, or financial solution, you will get a top-notch mobile app from ZYNK.

Cross-platform applications

Do you need a modern cross-platform web app with great design, features, and usability that your users can access from any device, browser, and platform? ZYNK’s mastery in cross-platform development can take you there.

Back-end development for Web apps

Any Web application has a backend behind the scenes that create the user experience in the front-end. In short, the backend resides on one or several servers and does data processing and management. Furthermore, it brings various parts of the application together, integrating them into a single system. We focus on performance, scalability, and security when developing a web backend. First, we emphasize delivering the level of performance that ensures an unparalleled user experience. For this purpose, we leave no stone unturned in optimizing the databases to the standards expected by our clients. Second, we create solutions that are easy to scale. Last but not least, we rely on our expertise in system control, cyber security, and low-level programming to develop secure solutions. Turn ZYNK’s strong backend development expertise into a robust backbone for your Web app!

Why ZYNK for Web application development?

Find out what our clients think about us directly from their testimonials. In short, our clients liked our human touch, expertise, and results. Besides, they enjoyed our proactivity, flexibility, and focus on data security.

Why ZYNK? For its experience in Web solutions.


The vast portfolio of Web applications we built vastly expanded our know-how. Thus, we experienced the pains and needs of different industries and application areas. Hence, we have been acquiring strong technical and business acumen. Furthermore, we learned how to adjust to different company cultures and internal processes.

Why ZYNK for web application development: quality


You can create a top quality Web application only with remarkable people. We speak of those having deep expertise, strong passion, and determination. For example, the fantastic professionals with the right attitude from ZYNK. In short, they would never leave a stone unturned until you are happy with the results. 

Why ZYNK? For data security.


A study from the Security Magazine revealed that more than half of the software apps have security vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, 88% of the apps for banking have vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 98% of the apps included in the study rely on open-source software. Let us spend restless nights because of all these and avoid security glitches in your app.

Why ZYNK for web application development: focus

User focus

Focusing on real user needs, we produce elegant and effective Web solutions. Thus, we rely on growth-driven design to get feedback from the users early in the process. Furthermore, we apply the Agile and micro-services approaches to shorten development cycles. Choose ZYNK if you want top user ratings for your software.

Web application development projects we implemented

We impressed our customers with custom, scalable, and innovative web platforms. In short, we can deliver almost any type of web platform using our rich experience. Our code is present in solutions ranging from simple, custom mobile apps to highly complex IoT software solution.

Talent management

This is a recruitment management platform that includes an Application Tracking System , a CRM, and a Personnel Management component. Our client, a global leader in recruitment, commissioned to ZYNK the revamping of a legacy system. Simply put, we had to find a solution to their slow, ineffective recruitment and personnel management.

Personal data management

The system allows users to control what happens with their online information. First, it scans, analyzes, and stores the data. Additionally, it ensures high data protection using advanced encryption. It uses artificial intelligence to sort information. Then, it processes it with optical character recognition. Last, it generates the user certificate for the user to buy online.

Gift buying social platform

This is a social platform that suggests gifts for special occasions. Thus, the application saves favorite gifts from social media or online shops. Furthermore, it includes an event-based system where users can track gift shopping and create reminders or events. Last, the platform includes gift list sharing, registries, and gift suggestions.

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