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Software Prototyping Services from Romania

With software prototyping, you can visualize your software product before developing it. Prototyping means building a simulated user interface for ideation, evaluation, and user feedback. In short, a prototype lets you check inexpensively if the product’s design suits your target market. When starting a software product, you have many unknowns, such as the business value it will create. Or the extent to which the product addresses and solves the real problems of the target buyer. Furthermore, you do not know if it will be user-friendly and behave equally well on different devices. Last, you have no idea if you can afford it or if you can get the buy-in for it from key stakeholders. Our software prototyping services will help you answer these questions, get funding, and develop the product without taking unnecessary risks.

Our Software Prototyping Services

ZYNK can help you with low-fidelity or high-fidelity prototypes. Low-fidelity prototypes take less time to develop than high-fidelity. Furthermore, they are better suited for assessing the look and feel of the product than its features and can only capture some elements of a product. On the other hand, high-fidelity prototypes mimic the product as closely as possible.

Static Prototyping

Static software prototyping

A static prototype is a sequence of static images that gives you an idea of what your product and its functions look like. Furthermore, such a prototype is a set of mockups that you can navigate by clicking on marked areas. Your move from one page of the prototype to the next illustrates your real interactions with the product.

Interactive Prototyping

Interactive prototyping

Also known as clickable prototyping, interactive prototyping allows the user to test the features of the app and its integrated components. With its interactive prototyping services, ZYNK sets the responses to each potential user interaction with the program and the stage for your successful Minimum Viable Product.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping takes little time and effort. Thus, one can use this type of prototyping to test different ideas and quickly incorporate the audience’s feedback into the next prototype. As each rapid prototype created loses its relevance in a short time, it is also known as “throwaway prototyping”. The lifespan of such a prototype is usually one Agile sprint. Let Zynk help you validate your ideas fast and inexpensively.

Evolutionary Prototyping

Evolutionary prototyping

Unlike traditional prototypes, which are simulations, an evolutionary prototype is functional software. Such a prototype starts as a product that meets what we understand from the requirements when we build it. While its first version will do less than you need from the final product, adding features and functionalities to its next versions will improve it with every new step. The clearer the requirements, the better the prototype will be.

Incremental Prototyping

Incremental prototyping

We recommend interactive prototyping for your complex enterprise software with many modules that can work relatively independently from one another. Thus, we can simultaneously build separate prototypes for the software’s most important modules. Then, we will test and hone each separately and merge them into a single, comprehensive prototype. The main challenge with this approach is the variation in look and feel among the individual prototypes.

Extreme Prototyping

Extreme prototyping

Extreme prototyping is common in Web development and has three stages, which share the user interface and the services layer as key elements. The services layer includes business logic, communication, and authorization. Zynk can spare you time and money with its extreme prototyping services. Thus, we build wireframes to simulate the user interface, connect the wireframes with the simulated interface, and then implement the services layer.

Why Software Prototyping Outsourcing?

For any software project, prototyping is an essential part of the development process. Chances are high that you do not have in-house experts that can build quality software prototypes. In such a case, relying on an external provider is a natural choice. How you choose that provider can make or break your software product. If you make the right choice, you will spare time and money and end up with a successful product.

Spare Money and Time

The market for software solutions moves at breakneck speed. Thus, you will need fast and accurate software product development services. Undoubtedly, the faster your project moves from idea to product, the better your bottom line will be. Therefore, take our advice and design cost-effective software products with our experts in software product development. Above all, they care about the quality of their work and your bottom line. Then, use the time and money saved on the software for mission-critical areas like concept development, market research, and sales.

Top Quality

Software prototyping requires advanced skills and experience, like any other service you need to develop a software product. Furthermore, it requires dedicated people willing to stay with you throughout the project’s lifecycle. Finding those people and keeping them happy for a long time is easier said than done. Rather than taking this burden on yourself, let your IT partner worry about recruitment, retention, and team management. Like any other component of software product development, prototyping goes well when handled by a company with extensive experience. In short, ZYNK has what it takes to produce top-quality software prototypes within time and budget.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Prototypes are about finding fast what the end-users and stakeholders want and adjusting the product specifications and development process to meet their needs. In this endeavor, our Agile development process lets us adapt fast and effortlessly to your business needs. Regardless of the prototyping technique we apply, we continuously learn and adapt, getting closer to the expected results with each new development iteration. With frequent feedback from your target market, we produce prototypes that pave the way for a successful product. Following an incremental development process, we smoothly navigate the turbulent waters of an uncertain present and future. Furthermore, our prototypes focus on continuous improvement, improving your product from start to finish.

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Why ZYNK for Software Prototyping?

Learn about the quality of our software prototyping services directly from our client testimonials. Of the reasons they chose ZYNK for software prototyping, software development prowess, quality, data security, and proactiveness stand out.



When done right, software prototyping lets you uncover the unknowns of your software product. To ensure you are doing the prototyping right, choose an experienced service provider with a proven track of quality software prototyping services.

Experience in software prototyping


From static to extreme prototyping, we have completed diverse prototyping projects for clients of all sizes. Thus, we honed our expertise to a level difficult to find in Romania. In short, choose ZYNK for its mastery, talent, and determination.

User focus

User Focus

With our software prototyping services, you can focus on users early in the design and development process. Thus, having users interact with the prototype helps you understand what they want and put your product on the right track.



When developing a software product, it is never too early to look at data security. Giving security the attention it deserves during prototyping can help identify and address potential threats while the product is still on the drawing board.

Key Software Projects

Talent Management

The legacy system of our client was in great need of modernization. Thus, ZYNK accepted the challenge and implemented a modern recruitment and personnel management platform that handles high volumes of data.

No-code Development

No-code development has been rapidly gaining traction with companies and software engineers alike. ZYNK addressed this demand with its no-code IoT platform for smart buildings, smart cities, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Gift Buying Solution

Our solution is a social platform that helps its users find gifts in online shops or social media and manage them. Besides, users can monitor their gift shopping, handle events and reminders, and suggest and share gifts.


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